Revision history for Data-Visitor

0.32      2023-04-29 10:07:45Z
    - removed an unnecessary use of Sub::Name (haarg, PR #1)

0.31      2020-08-02 22:39:31Z
    - updated distribution tooling (resolves RT#133059, a problem with the
      compilation test when the installed perl has whitespace in its path)

0.30  2013-06-24
    - doy/data-visitor should probably be the canonical repository at this

0.29  2013-06-24
    - The class callbacks to be run for an object are now chosen once, at the
      start of visiting that object. Previously, it always looked through the
      entire list of callbacks every time, in a loop in which the object in
      question could be changed by the callback. Since the class callbacks are
      only partially ordered, this lead to differences in whether a callback
      would be called or not based on hash order. reported by Robin Smidsrød.

0.28  2012-02-12
    - convert to dzil
    - bump namespace::clean dep
    - better error message if Data::Alias isn't found
    - doc fixes

0.27    2010-02-03
    - Improve synopsis of Data::Visitor::Callback.
    - Remove the Test::MockObject dependency.

0.26    2009-09-03
	- remove Any::Moose, one too many failures to subclass. When/if Mouse can be
	  subclassed by Moose we can consider putting it back

0.25    2009-05-19
	- Depend on Any::Moose 0.09, which pulls in Mouse 0.21, avoiding warnings
	  related to compute_all_applicable_attributes (rafl)

0.24    2009-04-11
	- use get_all_attributes instead of the deprecated
	  compute_all_applicable_attributes (rafl)
	- Switch to Any::Moose

0.22    2008-12-19
	- add a no warnings 'recursion', deep recursion is legitimate in most cases

0.21    2008-09-15
	- Fix a bug in Data::Visitor::Callback WRT returning non reference values
	  from callbacks (#38306).
	- Refactor the visit_tied split
	- Propagation of void context

0.20    2008-09-12
	- Split visit_tied into methods per each reftype, to make it possible to
	  return something that is an object but still doesn't get tied.

0.19    2008-08-26
	- Support multiple arguments to visit()
	- use BUILDARGS for argument processing
	- remove Data::Alias dep for now, it breaks on windows & aix with 5.8.8

0.18    2008-07-21
	- Weak reference support

0.17    2008-07-19
	- More void context correctness fixes WRT tied values
	- Overzealous seen value mappings made by Callback were removed

0.16    2008-07-19
	- Fix passing of void context when visiting hashes/arrays (perf
	  optimization to avoid unnecessary cloning)
	- Added 'visit_seen' and a 'seen' callback for circular structures
	- Class callbacks are now fired from least derived to most derived, not in
	  hash key order

0.15    2008-01-15
	- Fixed a compilation warning under 5.6.2
	- Disabled consistent replacement of values when assigning to $_ under
	  5.6.2 due to a limitation. 5.8 is required for that feature to work
	  properly. Instead, a warning will be issued and the value will be

0.14    2008-01-13
	- Refactored to use Tie::ToObject instead of a custom class
	- Simple tracing added, enable by setting $DEBUG
	- added the object_no_class callback
	- no longer uses $string->can("isa") to figure out if that's a class

0.13    2008-01-08
	- Add support for preserving tied()ness, and for visiting

0.12    2008-01-08
	- _register_mapping was not called for each class callback result

0.11    2008-01-07
	- Fix a bug where objects were mapped to undef when a class callback
	  doesn't match

0.10    2007-12-25
	- Fix buggy behavior for duplicate and circular values

0.09    2007-10-07
	- add visit_hash_entry and visit_array_entry

0.08    2007-07-01
	- add retain_magic and use it to keep blessedness of mapped objects that
	  were forced into being visited by "regular" ref visitor methods

0.07    2007-05-20
	- Refactor visit_ref
	- Removed build_requires, to try and eliminate some odd installation
	  problems. This also fixes the Class::Accessor dep which was in the wrong
	  slot anyway ;-)

0.05    2006-04-22
	- Added support for using class names as callbacks in
	- Improved semantics of multiple instances of the same reference in a depe
	  structure (will be mapped once, same mapped value used per each instance)

0.04    2006-04-02
	- Specified that the Test::MockObject dep need 1.04

0.03    2006-03-22
	- add Class::Accessor to requirements

0.02    2006-02-08
	- Added GLOB recursion support
	- Added support for circular references
	_ Added aliasing to $_ to Data::Visitor::Callback
	- Added ignore_return_values to Data::Visitor::Callback

0.01    2006-02-08
	- Initial release