Changes for version 0.0023

    • Move build dependencies to BUILD_REQUIRES (Peter Mottram, GH #28).
    • Add coverage to Travis and more tests (Lisa Hare, GH #27).


iterate, filter and validate data, and transpose to different field names
Perl extension to check if a mail is valid (with some autocorrection)
Field class for Data::Transpose
Group class for Data::Transpose
Iterator for Data::Transpose.
Iterator for validation errors.
Scalar iterator for Data::Transpose.
Perl extension to enforce password policy
prefix subclass for Data::Transpose
Field class with prefix for Data::Transpose
Filter and validate data.
Base class for Data::Transpose::Validator
Validator for CC numbers
Validator for DateTime
Alias for Data::Transpose::EmailValid
Class for grouped field
Validate numbers in a range
Alias for Data::Transpose::PasswordPolicy
Validate a string inside a set of values
Validate http(s) urls