Revision history for Data-Section

0.200008  2022-12-31 13:50:15-05:00 America/New_York
        - fix to some example code (thanks, Graham Ollis)
        - update packaging and metadata
        - minimum required Perl is now v5.12

0.200007  2017-07-07 11:36:04-04:00 America/New_York
        - rename the test library "" to "" to avoid conflict
          with core "" on case-insensitive systems (thanks, Dan Kogai)

0.200006  2014-03-10 10:14:45-04:00 America/New_York
        - skip tests on Win32 pre-5.14 related to line endings; perl munges the
          data before we're able to get at it (thanks, Christian Walde!)

0.200005  2013-12-11 08:03:08 America/New_York
        - open DATA handles both :raw and :bytes to avoid content munging on
          Win32 (thanks, Kenichi Ishigaki!)
        - This is not yet a perfect solution for Win32.

0.200004  2013-12-01 21:31:02 America/New_York
        - avoid confusion between \n, \x0d\x0a, and Win32 (thanks, Kenichi

0.200003  2013-11-02 07:57:52 America/New_York
        - stable release of 0.200002, no functional changes

0.200002  2013-10-19 22:11:32 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - add an "encoding" parameter to set encoding of data section contents;
          this defaults to UTF-8 (thanks, David Golden!)

0.101622  2013-06-19 21:48:02 America/New_York
          add a link to an Advent article about Data-Section

          update bugtracker, repo, etc.

0.101621  2011-04-29 07:26:31 America/New_York
          document the \-escaping behavior of sections

0.101620  2010-06-11 08:14:32 America/New_York
          We now attempt to work with files with Win32 line endings, thanks to
          Christian Walde.

0.100770  2010-03-18 08:05:46 America/New_York
          this release's changes courtesy of Tatsuhiko Miyagawa:
          __END__ now ends the whole data section; ignore_end may come someday
          empty data lines between __DATA__ and first section are ignored

0.100270  2010-01-27 22:43:33 America/New_York
          switch from Class::ISA to MRO::Compat
          added *_section_names
          eliminate some duplicated code

0.093410  2009-12-07 18:45:56 America/New_York
          allow data before first marker if default_name given
          (thanks, Uwe Voelker)

0.093330  2009-11-29 17:45:10 America/New_York
          re-release to include a META.yml for cpandeps

0.091820  2009-07-01 18:25:50 UTC
          add docs on using ForMethod to avoid autocleaning (thanks, Kent

0.006     2008-11-23
          remove smoke tests that did nothing useful; thanks Florian

0.005     2008-08-07
          rebuild to ensure directory entries in archive

0.004     2008-06-07
          fix regex to exclude whitespace after name

0.003     2008-06-07
          fix non-5.8-friendly syntax in tests
          swap mro out for Class::ISA; it shouldn't matter

0.002     2008-06-07
          improve documentation
          handle valid classes with no __DATA__ section

0.001     2008-06-07
          first release