0.0004    2010-06-23 17:50:16 America/New_York
    * general code cleanup
    * added requirement for perl 5.010_000
    * fixed bug where call to key_on_non_hash error handler was not being returned
      for error handlers that do not croak
    * using switch feature of 5.10.0 to improve readability
    * moved argument parsing into a seperate function for
    * removed EOLTests until:
      1. Makefile.PL isn't generated with space at the end of the perl
         require statement
      2. EOLTests adds a skipfile option

0.0003    2010-06-19 12:58:32 America/New_York
    * added ability to call methods with simple arguments.
        * arguments can be quoted with single or double quotes
        * arguments can be barewords that match \w+
    * added POD for arguments, still a little shady, but a start
    * fixed _unqoute to unquote single or double quoted strings
    * we now tokenize the path string first, simplifying code, easier to maintain
    * fixed bug that made it not possible to have a key with a new line

0.0002    2010-06-19 08:08:51 America/New_York
    * fixed Pod linking errors
    * added missing internal function _unquote
    * added more testing which caught the missing function
    * added more documentation about embedded quotes and slashes

0.0001    2010-06-18 21:41:01 America/New_York
    initial import