Revision history for Data-Roundtrip

0.01    2020-04-13
	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02	2020-04-14
	Changed NAME in documentation of the scripts, some
	POD errors in lib/Data/ and some errors
	in the documentation.

0.03	2020-04-15
	Makefile.PL changes thanks to marto @

0.04	2020-04-15
	Added perl2dump_filtered(), perl2dump_homebrew()
	and dump_perl_var_recursively().
	Fixed scripts to work with new sub names.

0.05	2020-04-16
	Makefile.PL minor modification.

0.07	2020-04-20
	Changed default options for scripts so that they don't do pretty
	printing by default.
	Added import parameters 'no-unicode-escape-permanently'
	and 'unicode-escape-permanently' for efficient use of *2dump*
	Added benchmarks to time 2dump subs and inserted target in Makefile.

0.08	2020-04-20
	Removed dependency to Sub::Override, overriding subs is done by us now.
	Fixed POD mistakes.

0.09	2020-04-20
	Added dependency Test::Script and Test::Pod (thank you Slaven Rezić)

0.10	2020-04-20
	Added minimum version for Test::Script to be 1.09
	to support script_stderr_is. Thank you Slaven Rezić!)

0.11	2020-04-21
	Checked failures for test script t/02-random-data-structure.t
	and provided a fix and added a warning in CAVEATS section.

0.12	2023-03-09
	Wrapped within an eval{}, call to JSON::decode_json in sub json2perl.
	This allows graceful death when input json is not valid.

0.13	2023-03-11
	In the previous version I had forgotten an erroneous INSTALL_BASE
	in Makefile.PL which pointed to $ENV{HOME}/usr.
	This resulted in installing this module in installing user's
	home dir, under usr/
	Now this is fixed. Those who installed the previous version (0.12),
	please make sure to uninstall it from $ENV{HOME}/usr.

0.14	2023-03-11
	See 0.13.

0.15	2023-04-04
	Changed the minimum Perl version required to be 5.008
	in all test files and the Makefile.PL.
	Aesthetic changes in Makefile.PL.
	NOTE: this version has never been released to CPAN.

0.16    2023-05-30
	1. Added a CAVEAT/WARNING in the documentation
	for dump2perl($input) saying that it does
	eval($input) which is a security risk if $input
	comes from untrusted sources (e.g. user input).
	2. Added a print statement to STDERR in sub dump2perl()
	warning about said eval($input) (using a warn '').
	This warning also states that dump2perl() will be
	removed in the future because of this eval().
	3. Added extra tests in t/10-scripts.t to check
	that scripts fail when they should. In addition
	to testing scripts that they succeed when they should.