Changes for version 1.04 - 2022-09-06

  • No changes. Promote to production.

Changes for version 1.03 - 2022-09-04 (TRIAL RELEASE)

    • require minimum version of Data::Dumper for Trailingcommas option

Changes for version 1.02 - 2022-09-03 (TRIAL RELEASE)

    • stream tests which perform compares on dumps need to perform CR/LF conversion on MS Windows systems.


Flexible serialization of a record
store a record in a database
encoded a record using Data::Dumper
encoded a record as JSON
encoded a record as /rdb
encode a record as YAML
Base Role for Data::Record::Serialize
Default methods for Data::Record::Serialize
Both an Encode and Sink. handle unwanted/unused required routines
output encoded data to a stream.
append encoded data to an array.
send output to nowhere.
output encoded data to a stream.
Types for Data::Record::Serialize