Changes for version 1.1.2 - 2023-04-04

  • *actually* re-generate dictionaries with the new serialisation; perl 5.18 couldn't parse the previous one


evaluate password strength


Dropbox's password estimation logic
adjacency graphs for common English keyboards
some combinatorial functions
role for match objects
special match class for brute-force guesses
match class for digit sequences that look like dates
match class for words in passwords
match class for recognisable patterns in passwords
match class for repetitions of other matches
match class for sequences of uniformly-spaced codepoints
match class for sequences of nearby keys
match class for words that match other user-supplied information
a collection of matches for a password
ranked dictionaries for common English words
functions to estimate cracking times


in lib/Data/Password/zxcvbn/AdjacencyGraph/
in lib/Data/Password/zxcvbn/AdjacencyGraph/
in lib/Data/Password/zxcvbn/RankedDictionaries/
in lib/Data/Password/zxcvbn/RankedDictionaries/