++ed by:
Author image Kazuhiro Osawa
and 6 contributors

Changes for version 0.00008 - 2013-07-08

  • same as the order of the Data::MessagePack serialization for Driver::Memcached serialize
  • fixed to perl 5.18 hash randomization bug
  • fixed CREATE TABLE bug for MySQL test



model interface which had more data sources unified, a.k.a data/object mapper
Penetration cache is offered to the basic driver
Penetration cache is offered to the basic driver by memcached protocol
storage driver for DBI
master-slave composition for mysql
storage driver for memcached protocol
storage driver for memory
Q4M manager for Data::Model
Data::Model's iteration class
mixin manager for Data::Model
add find_or_create method
add methods for Driver::Queue::Q4M
Data::Model's Row class
Schema DSL for Data::Model
transaction manager for Data::Model


in lib/Data/Model/Accessor.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/Cache.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/DBI/DBD.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/DBI/DBD/SQLite.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/DBI/DBD/mysql.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/Hash.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Driver/Logic.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Iterator.pm
in lib/Data/Model/SQL.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Schema/Inflate.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Schema/Inflate/UUID.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Schema/Properties.pm
in lib/Data/Model/Schema/SQL.pm