Revision history for Data-Leaf-Walker

0.21    5/1/2013
        - bug fix for exists() calls where the queried key path is two or more
          levels deeper than existing key path

0.20    Sat Jan  9 23:13:59 2010
        - fix but in _each() handling of auto extended arrays (indexes filled in
          the gap, do not exist())
        - added reset() method to handle immediate iterator resetting
        - added opts() method to get or set options
        - added t/twig.t to test example of iterating over the twig values
          (those just above the leaves)

0.10    Mon Jan  4 23:10:41 2010
        - embellish, clarify and clean docs
        - implemented max_depth and min_depth iteration depth limiters
        - added tests for iteration depth limiters

0.01    Sat Jan  2 11:00:40 2010
        - initial release