Changes for version 0.006002 - 2022-01-03

  • Fix PDL::Factor's ngood, nbad methods for newer PDL versions. See <>.


data frame implementation
Autobox arrays and hashes for Data::Frame
For creating classes in Data::Frame
Example data sets
Partial class for data frame's conversion from/to CSV
Function interface for indexer
Data::Frame indexer by integer indices
Data::Frame indexer by string labels (column names)
Role for Data::Frame indexer
A mixin to add some methods to PDL
Partial class for data frame's eval method
Partial class for data frame syntax sugar
For creating roles in Data::Frame
Role for column compare result
Import stuffs into Data::Frame classes
Custom Type::Tiny types
Utility functions
PDL subclass for keeping categorical data
PDL subclass for keeping logical data
PDL subclass for keeping scalar data (like strings)
Tools for verifying Data::Frame data frames


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in lib/Data/Frame/
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