4.88 August 28th, 2017

    - Address "." being removed from @INC by using absolute filepaths - thanks Kent Fredric!

4.87 May 14th, 2017

    - Update cc routine to recognize new 2 series Mastercards

4.86 March 26th, 2017
    - Add three new profile methods: depedencies_regexp, dependent_optional, dependent_require_some

    - Bump VERSION in all classes to 5.85

4.85 Feb 25th, 2017

    - Bump VERSION in all classes to 5.85

4.84 Feb 25th, 2017

    - Various test file warning fixes
    - Change conditional loading of CGI to require version 4.35 or higher (4ce9ac9e)

4.83 Feb 23rd, 2017

    - Re-release of 4.82: tarball was missing files as "make dist" errored when it didn't find MANIFEST
    - Deleted unused Perl6 files

4.82 Feb 23rd, 2017

    - Made CGI dependency optional
    - Replaced Build.PL with Makefile.PL
    - Updated Makefile.PL constraints
    - Removed dependency on Perl6::Junctions
    - Moved the code to GitHub
    - Applied patches from: RT 77765, 78443, 10489
    - Added shebang, warnings pragma to all test scripts
    - Perltidied tests scripts
    - Replaced is_tainted() sub with Scalar::Util::tainted()

4.81 Jul 19th, 2013

    - There is no such thing as "array context". The documentation now refers to "list context"

    - Fix "the the" typos. (Thanks to dsteinbrunner, RT#77901)

    - Somewhat modernizer Exporter usage.

4.80 Nov 1st, 2012

    - New built-in constraint_methods to test the number of values submitted for a
      particular field:

        FV_num_values_between(1,2),  # inclusive

      One way that garbage can get through a Data::FormValidator profile is
      when two values are submitted when only one is intended. In this
      case, this application could end up with a values like this:


     Using these new constraints, you can precisely control how many values
     are allowed for each field.

    - Source control hosting has been moved to http://hub.darcs.net
      You can now browse, pull and fork the darcs repo through this website.

4.71 Oct 2nd, 2012

    - Custom messages for built-in constraints work again. It appears that this
      was broken in 4.70, which triggered a sleeper bug.

      (Thanks to Lee Carmichael, Mark Stosberg, RT#73235)

4.70 11/11/11

    - Built-in constraints in Constraints.pm can now be renamed:  

        constraint_methods => {
            first_names =>  {
                constraint_method => FV_max_length(3),
                name => 'custom_length',

     (Thanks to heinst@arqs.com.br for the suggestion, RT#49477)

    - modernize Constraints.pm and Results.pm a bit.
    - Module::Build added to configure_requires in Build.PL

4.67 11/11/11

    - modernize FormValidator.pm internals a bit
    - Update META.yml to exclude an internal package from getting indexed.

4.66 Wed Feb 24 09:30:17 EST 2010

    - Typo fixes (Jonathan Yu)

    - Test suite fix for 5.11.1 and newer.

4.65 Wed Dec 30 22:17:33 EST 2009

    - New FV_replace() filter to simplify basic find-and-replace filters:
        field_filters => {
            first_name   => FV_replace(qr/Mark/,'Don'),

    - Untainted multi-line fields are no longer truncated after the first newline.
      (RT#44004, Thanks to Matthew Lawrence)
    - Fix bug when the constraint_method contains a capturing parens and 0 is a valid value.
      (RT#45177, Thanks to Junior Medina and Mark Stosberg)

    - Typo fixes (Lyle)

    - Best Practice: Redundant <span> tag was removed from default error message formatting 
      (RT#42926), Thanks to girlwithglasses)
    - Best Practice: eliminated some indirect object notation in the tests (Mark Stosberg)
    - Now require a new CGI.pm for the build stage (RT#49912, thanks to dsteinbrunner)
    - White space improvements (RT#30205, Thanks to Peter Liscovius)
    - Fixed a warning in the test suite (RT#42251, Thanks to Frank Wiegand)

4.63 Sat Jan  3 12:46:15 EST 2009
    - Improve docs for writing your own constraints (girlwithglasses) 

4.62 Sat Jan  3 12:10:14 EST 2009

    - Fix typo in ConstraintsFactory docs (Geraint A. Edwards)
    - Clarified docs for get_filtered_data (Lisa Hagemann)
    - Clarify that 'field_filter_regexp_map' can take coderefs as values (Ron Savage)

    - Better diagnostics when load_profiles fails (Thoralf Klein)
    - Improved portability of t/untaint.t (Alexandr Ciornii)
    - Make some tests conditional on Date::Calc being installed (Frank Wiles)

4.61 Mon Jun 16 14:37:31 EDT 2008

    - packaging issue from Perl 4.60 resolved.

4.60 Mon Jun 16 14:10:14 EDT 2008

    - Dependencies can now be specified using a code ref.
      Thanks to Bradley C Bailey, via RT#24935.

    - length constraints for min, max and 'between' now work for lengths
       of 32k and longer. (Carl Vincent). 
    - We now use Email::Valid to validate e-mail addresses instead of
      our own regrex. Email::Valid passed all our our existing regression
      tests for e-mail addresses that should pass and fail. Email::Valid
      also correctly recognizes emails with single quote characters in them.
      These are valid, but our regex didn't recognize them.  (Mark Stosberg)

    - Typo in Constraints documentation corrected by K B Shiv Kumar (RT#32358)
    - Add some tests and docs for "date_and_time" constraint, from
      Data::FormValidator:::Constraints::Dates.  It appears  there may still
      exist a leap-year bug with the date parser. See the TODO test in
      t/dates_closure.t for details. An alternative is to use
      (Mark Stosberg, Matt Christian)

4.57 Thu Nov  1 22:47:13 EDT 2007
    - The min max and length_between constraints now allow multi-line input, 
      Thanks to Carl Vincent. RT##30221. If we had only used the Regex style
      prescribed by the Perl Best Practices book in the first place, this
      wouldn't have been a problem!

    - Makefile.PL to updated to explicitly require 5.008;
    - Fix doc link to "Old School Constraints", thanks to rjbs.    

4.56 Wed Oct 31 12:34:32 EDT 2007
    - declare that we rely on 5.8, because some 5.6 tests were failing.
      A patch for 5.6 compatibility would be welcome. Thanks to rjbs for the prod.  

4.55 Sun Oct 21 11:41:41 EDT 2007
    - Constraints in Upload.pm now apply to filtered data, not raw data. 
     (Graham TerMarsch, Mark Stosberg, RT#24702)

4.54 Sun Oct 21 09:27:07 EDT 2007
    - It looks like 4.53 got uploaded wrong, appearing as the code for 4.50.    

4.53 Sat Oct 20 15:57:56 EDT 2007
    - Invalid fields should still be invalid, even when missing_optional_valid is true.
      Patch thanks to Robert Juliano. [RT#28860]

    - Improve documentation link, thanks to Robert Stockdale [RT#29510]      
    - Give a plug to Data::FormValidator::Constraints::MethodsFactory. Recommended!
    - s/foreach /for /g throughout the code, per Perl Best Practices

4.52 Fri Oct 19 15:39:14 EDT 2007
    No code changes. 

    - Fix PERL5LIB issue with untaint.t, Thanks to Matt Trout and others [RT#30126]

4.51 Fri Jul 13 23:31:43 EDT 2007
    - Quit assuming that because the first element of an array is undef, the
      the whole thing is undef. (RT#24703, GTERMARS, Paul Blair)

    - For the "file_format" file upload constraint, File::MMagic sometimes
      wrongly returns the generic "application/octet-stream" MIME type instead
      of the correct MIME type. We now this return value as meaning "I don't
      know" and try the MIME type sent by the browser if this happens.
      (Mark Stosberg)

    - for the "file_format" file upload constraint, we now do a
      case-insensitive comparison of the MIME type provided by the browser,
      following the MIME standard. This bug was masked because we check the 
      returned MIME type by File::MMagic first. Because it generally works 
      and returns a lower-case result, it didn't matter. However, it some cases
      File::MMagic misbehaves under mod_perl, causing the issue to matter.
      (Matt Christian, Mark Stosberg)

    - Start requiring and using Scalar::Util, which prevents UNIVERSAL::can() form generating warnings.
      (RT#25873, Dave O'Neill)

    - Start requiring Perl6::Junction, which we had previously copy/pasted a bit
      of into DFV. (Unlike some of the other Perl6 namespace modules, this one 
      does /not/ use a source filter, and is addictively simple and useful. 

4.50 Mon Dec  4 21:28:09 EST 2006

    - New method for constraint writing: get_filtered_data(). 
      (Graham TerMarsch, Mark Stosberg, RT#22589)

    - Stronger profile checking, to insure that all constraint_method values
      are code references. Note: This explicitly simplifies things compared to
      the 'constraints' system. Bare strings declarations are not allowed with
      'constraint_methods'. (Mark Stosberg)

    - Numerous documentation and comment typo fixes (Evan Zacks)

    - Clarified the docs for overriding msgs (RT#18050)

    - ':all' was documented as a group of constraints to import, but it didn't
      work.  The documentation was updated to recommend ':closures' instead.
      (PURDY, RT#21052)

    - FV_eq_with now works with CGI.pm-style objects as input. (Jason Crummack)

    - Fix documented example of using constraint methods. (Brian Lozier)

    - When a constraint and a constraint_regexp_map matched the same field,
      only the ones from the map where being used in one case. This was a
      regression since the 4.0 release. A new regression test was also added
      for this case.  (Matt Christian)

4.49_01 Tue Oct  3 14:13:59 EDT 2006

    - New defaults_regexp_map profile key, useful for dynamically generated
      checkbox fields. (Mark Stosberg)

4.40 Mon Aug 21 19:41:24 EDT 2006

    - All FV_ closures are now exported with ":closures". (Ed Pigg, Mark Stosberg)

    - Added new constraint for the common case of comparing one field with another,
      such as a word confirmation field. Example:
          constraint_methods => {  
            password  => FV_eq_with('password_confirm'),
      (Mark Stosberg)  

4.30 Mon Jul 10 21:41:37 EDT 2006
    - A new method for constraint writers has been added: untainted_constraint_value().    
      If you have written a constraint which untaints, use this method to return the
      untainted result. It will prepare the right result whether the user has requested
      untainting or not. (Mark Stosberg)

    - New built-in constraints added:


        These constraints can optionally perform untainting. (Mark Stosberg)

    - We now work around a bug in File::MMagic which could cause some filehandles
      to be corrupted after after the file_format constraint was used.  

    - Regexp::Common regular expressions which accepted zero as a valid input would
      have wrongly failed their constraints unless untainting was enabled. (Mark Stosberg)

    - Improved documentation for built-in constraints. (Mark Stosberg)

4.20 Mon Jun 12 20:44:36 EDT 2006
    - Documentation in Data::FormValidator::Filters has been improved. (Mark Stosberg}
    - Added FV_split() a new filter that makes it super-easy to apply the same constraint
      to a list of values passed in a single field, such as a comma separated list of e-mail
      addresses. (Mark Stosberg). 

    - For input given as a hashref containing array references, values could
      have been mistakenly modified by reference through filters. We now
      explicitly copy elements in these case, to avoid modifying the input.

4.14 Fri Feb 17 08:59:40 EST 2006
    - Consider a field with only a null character to be invalid  (Jamie Krasnoo)

    - Fix bug in cc_number constraint, which was only present when used as a "constraint_method". (Evan A. Zacks)

    - Updated overloading syntax to work with Template::Stash (frank)

4.12 Thu Jan  5 21:07:50 EST 2006
    - Fix test suite to pass when CGI::Simple is not installed
      (Lee Carmichael, Davide Dente)

4.11 Tue Jan  3 18:38:23 EST 2006
   - A new constraint for minimum image dimensions was added in
     Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Upload (Lee Carmichael)

   - refactoring of Upload.pm and t/upload.t (Lee Carmichael)

4.10 Thu Dec 22 19:55:34 EST 2005

   - The msgs key can now take a callback, allow users to override how error
     message generation is done. Some alternative message generate routines 
     will hopefully be published soon.  (Cees Hek, Chris Laco and others)

   - New profile key: untaint_regexp_map (Michael Peters)

   - bug was fixed for dependent fields that had false values, but were valid
     (Emanuele Zeppieri)

   - Failed constraints for multiple fields with the same name no longer return duplicate  
     error messages (Will Hawes)

   - value of any_errors was wrongly added to msgs even when there are no errors 
     (RT#14942, report and test script by Michael Graham)

   - bump Date::Calc requirement (RT#15715) 

4.02 Wed Aug 31 21:22:58 EST 2005

    - the use of custom signal handers for "die" has now been localized to
      avoid interfering with other applications. (Josh Miller). 

    - initial support for qr in constraint_method profile key

     - Updated ::Constraints example docs to be accurate: recommend :closures, not :all

    - provide a more accurate debugging message for constraint_method_regexp_map

4.01 Sat Aug 20 13:16:47 EST 2005

    - get_input_data() now supports the parameters "as_hashref => 1" to 
      return the input data in a uniform way. 

    - Constraints may refer to fields that are 'unknown' to
      Data::FormValidator. These unknown values will remain unfiltered
      as before. (Michael Peters). 

    - _get_data() was renamed to _get_input_as_hash(). You shouldn't care. 

4.00 Sun Aug 14 10:57:25 EST 2005

    *** NOTE ***
    This a major update with a significant code changes. While the test suite
    indicates we have 100% compatibility with 3.x, you are encouraged to test
    this release with your own applications before deploying it in a production

	- The constraints interface has been overhauled to be more intuitive to use
	  with parameterized constraints. This included added new two new profile
	  keys: 'constraint_methods' and 'constraint_method_regexp_map'. All of
	  the old syntax is still supported, but de-emphasized in the documentation.
	  See RELEASE_NOTES for details. 

	- A new method has been added to help building custom constraints:
	  "set_current_constraint_name('foo')" will set the name of a constraint
	  from within itself. An alias named 'name_this()' is provided for brevity. 
	  See the section on "Writing your own constraints" in DFV::Constraints
	  for details. 

    - success() method added to Results object. This is an easy way to check
      that there were no missing or invalid fields. (Michael Peters). 

    - 'separator' was misspelled consistently in the docs, code and tests.
      The proper spelling as well as the legacy typo spelling are now
      supported, although the typo'ed version is no longer documented, except
      for here. :) Thanks to Terrence Brannon for spotting this.

	- The 'msgs' hash in the profile is now validated to make sure it includes only
	  valid keys. This should help to spot some errors faster.  

    - ::Constraints::Upload now supports CGI::Simple, thanks to David Emery. 

    - Documentation for required_regexp has been improved. (William McKee)

    - support for coderefs as default values (Marcello)

    - Improved field_filters documentation, thanks to Andrew Brosnan.

	- RT#12220: Canadian Province RE were updated. (Steve Simms).   

    - The preferred MIME type was not being returned by the 'file_format'
      constraint for file uploads. This would have only affected cases where
      the mime type sent by the browser differed from the one detected by DFV.
      Thanks to Randal Schwartz for spotting this. (RT#12744). 

    - Profile re-use when constraint_regexp_map is used is now fixed 
      (Thanks to Cees Hek).

    - The date_and_time constraint now understands this format: MMDDYYYY. 
      (RT#12111, thanks to JMAY)

    - This one is worth a brief explanation. When this old syntax was used:

      my ( $valid, $missing, $invalid, $unknown ) = Data::FormValidator->validate({}, {} );

      $invalid would be returned as an empty arrayref if there were no
      invalids.  This return value was undocumented, and was later changed to
      be 'undef' sometime between 3.50 and 3.70. However, I found that some
      applications, including Cascade, depended on the undocumented return
      value (which they shouldn't have). 

      I have now reverted the behavior to returning an empty arrayref in this
      case, added a test for it, and updated the docs to be explicit about the
      return value. This will save some people unexpected breakages when
      upgrading DFV from a very old version with very old applications. 

      Those who use the $results object are unaffected.

    - Add many failing TODO tests for built-in filters. See t/filters_builtin.t 

    - A new test was added to check that no warnings are emitted when an untainted
      constraint returns undef (Michael Peters)

* 3.x releases after 3.63 happened on a different branch. All of the
  improvements there should be reflected above. 

    - email validation was beefed up to not permit spaces with e-mails 
      or semi-colons to get through. Thanks to Jason Crome for some tests  
      to this, and the Mail::VRFY module, which was the source of the
      improved RE. 

    - Added a couple more test to the distribution which were missing in
      the MANIFEST

3.62 Fri Oct  8 22:55:49 EST 2004
    - Removed experimental label from 'msgs' functionality. 
    - Beefed up test suite for dependencies and dependency_groups (Drew Taylor)

3.61 Mon Sep 20 18:10:23 EST 2004
	- file_format from ::Constraints::Upload now handles non-existent files more
	  gracefully. (Evan A. Zacks)

3.60 Mon Sep 20 18:10:23 EST 2004
	- file_max_bytes seemed to never be reporting failure.

3.59 Thu Jul 02 2004
    - Added more tests for Date constraints, and removed some more warnings (Michael Dorman)

    - Fixed failing dependency check happening sometimes with a CGI object as input. (Drew Taylor)

3.58 Wed May 05 2004
    - Test suite has been migrated further to 'Test::More' style, and
      all tests should complete without any warnings. A big thanks
      goes to Gabor Szabo for this work.  

3.57 Wed Apr 21 2004 
    - 'validator_packages' now handles the importing of filters as well as constraints.
       (Ronald Kimball)

    - Added profile validation check for hashref style constraints. This will
      make typos in key names easier to find. (Barry Hoggard, for demonstrating
      the need.) 

    - no longer try to use a Carp module method without having it loaded. Instead,
      we just call "die" now. (Gunnar Wolf)

3.56 Fri Apr 16 2004 
    - Fixed a mis-handling of unknown variables. Functionality brought inline
      with documented behaviour (Richard Clarke)
    - fixed bug image dimensions test in DFV::Constraints::Upload (Barry Hoggard)

    - added mention of HTML::Template::Associate::FormValidator to SEE ALSO

3.55 Wed Mar 25 2004
    - better diagnostics when a filters fail.

3.54 Wed Mar 24 2004 
    - Fixed a mis-handling of invalid constraints introduced in 3.53 (Kevin Baker).  

    - Refactored and improved some contraint related tests (Kevin Baker)
    - clarified documentation for uploading constraints to mention that a
      CGI.pm object is needed for input.

3.53 Mon Mar 22 2004
    - Removed bug introduced in 3.52 that would have mis-handled files that had
      some filters applied, and were then used as parameters in constraints for
      multiple fields. (Kevin Baker) 
    - Possibly fixed t/24_upload.t test on Windows platforms (podmaster)

3.52 Sun Mar 21 2004
    - After a constraint failed, future constraints relying on the same input
      parameters may have falsely failed. (Kevin Baker)  
    - Untainting of false values (such as '0') was broken, and has been fixed.    
      (Kato Atsushi)

    - the profile syntax checker now reports all invalid keys, instead of just
      the first one.  Also, this code was refactored to be a bit faster. (Kevin Baker).

3.51 Thu Feb 26 2004
    - The default formatting now uses the 'class' attribute in the <span> tag instead
      of the 'id' attribute. This shouldn't be a big deal and may actually make
      CSS styling easier, but it is a change. (Drew Taylor)

    - In some cases empty fields were marked as 'valid' under mod_perl when they shouldn't be.
      (Drew Taylor)
    - Prevent unnecessary death due to $@ being set. (Kevin Baker) 
    - Fixed documentation typo related to writing your own constraints (Stewart Russell)

    - valid() can now return multiple values in list context.
    - Mention Data::FormValidator::Util::HTML
    - Added new t/constraints_builtin.t as a beginning of more through testing
      of the built-in constraints.  
    - Several documentation updates (Kevin Baker)

3.50 Mon Jan 12 2004
    - No functionality changes since 3.49_1, I'm just declaring it stable.
    - I did sneak in the addition of a $VERSION in a couple included modules
    where none had been provided before.

	- A change has been made to Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Upload,
	and only affects constraints in that module. Meta data will no longer
	be provided by adding additional "_info" fields to the valid hash.
	The same data is now available through the new meta() method of the
	Data::FormValidator::Results object. 

	- A new meta() method has been added to the Data::FormValidator::Results
	class. This function allows constraints to communicate meta data
	they discover about the values during the validation process. 
	For example, a file size may be discovered while checking to see
	if the file size is too large. This is only currently being
	used in Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Upload.

3.15 Sun Nov 03 2003
    - Instead of explictly supporting CGI and Apache::Request objects, now any
      object which has a param() method can be used. In particular, this allows
      CGI::Simple to be used. 

      Before, if you used an object which was not CGI or Apache::Request, it would
      treat the object as a hash reference and possibly work. Now it will die
      with a diagnostic message in this case.  (Cees Hek)

    - Many documentation typo fixes (Cees Hek and Timothy Appnel)

    - The dependency on Module::Build to install the distribution has been
      removed. Now either Module::Build or the traditional MakeMaker system can
      be used.

    - fixed POD syntax issue in Constraints.pm that was causing a 'make test' 
      failure with Test::Pod >.96

3.13 Sun Nov 02 2003
    - How the Regexp::Common integration has changed. The old functionality was
      to match the regular expression as a substring of the field being
      testing. Now it is more restrictive and only matches the entire string.
      This is how all the other filters worked, and is probably how you expected
      the Regexp::Common filters to work as well.

	- uninitialized values in filters no longer cause warnings. (addresses bug #2751).
    - documentation typo fixes

	- improved syntax to be compatible with Perl 5.005
    - Added "cover" method to "Build" script. This uses Devel::Cover to generate
      a coverage report for the script
    - About 5 new tests for loading profiles from a file

3.12 Tue Jun 22 2003 
	- don't die in ::Upload if we can't find the tmp file.
	  Instead, the constraint fails and a warning is emitted. 

	- Added "image/pjpeg" to list of default mime types to use with file_format.
	  This is for the "progressive JPEG" format.

    - Several documentation improvements, thanks to Mike Fragassi.

3.11 Tue May 27 2003
	- Bug Fix: "qr" support now works better with older versions of Perl
	  (Mike Fragassi)

3.10 Mon May 26 2003 
	- New Feature: Any regular expression from Regexp::Common can now be used
	  directly as a named constraint. See Data::FormValidator::Constraints
	  documentation for an example syntax. 

	- Bug Fix: fixed imported_validators error that could occur if the same
	  profile was used more than once with the same DFV object.

	- improved support and testing of 'qr' a bit.

3.01 Thu May 15 2003
	This release fixes addresses a couple of issues related to the new support
	for error message handling through msgs() and "qr" support. If you aren't
	using these features, there's no need to upgrade. 

	- New Feature: Updated msgs() documentation and removed the requirement
	that 'msgs' be defined in profile for default formatting to be used with
	msgs() method call.

	- Bug Fix: Using named constraints wtih the new "qr" support now works.

3.00 Sun May 11 2003
	- New Feature: added debug option
	- Make default msgs in "new" constructor work as it was supposed it 2.11_04
	- Bug Fix: missing_optional_valid now works better when the input data comes
		from a CGI.pm or Apache::Request object (David Ranney)
	- Upload.pm syntax updated to no longer require Perl 5.6+ syntax
	- New Feature: Upload.pm now first tries to use File::MMagic and MIME::Type 
      to more intelligently determine the file type and an appropriate extension.

	- Major documentation overhaul. It should now be easier to browse and grok.

	- New Feature: defaults can be passed to new() that will be used for all
	  forms made from that object.

	- New Feature: Added support for quoting regular expressions using "qr" 
	  instead of defining them as strings. This is now the preferred method.
	  Defining regular expressions as strings is deprecated but supported.

	- New Feature: Friendly die statements when you have typos in filter 
		and constraint names. (Instead of mysterious suicide). 

	- Fixed syntax error in Upload.pm documentation
	- Bug Fix: error checking in valid_file_format in Upload.pm
	- Bug Fix: fixed bug related to returning constraint names introduced
		in 2.11_03.

	- The code has now been reorganized, following the module of HTML::FormValidator.
	  Filters, Constraints, and Results are now all handled in their own modules. 

	- The "msgs" error functional has now been re-designed, and is not
	  backwards compatible. Feedback on this experimental addition is encouraged.

	- New Feature: Added ConstraintsFactory.pm module to distribution

	- New Feature: Support for Apache::Request objects
	- New Feature: Now when constraint_regexp_map is used
		and one or more constraints is already defined, the new
		matching constraint is added to the list of constraints 
		applied, rather than superceding the old one. 

2.11_01 (A BETA release)

	- New Feature: Added Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Upload
		to the distribution.

	- New Feature: Added Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Dates
		to the distribution.

	- The functionality of returning errors with the experimental 
	  msgs feature has changed a bit. Now if you define multiple constraints,
	  the messages will always be returned as an array reference, instead of
	  when only there was more than one message. This should improve
	  integration with HTML::Template.

	- New Feature: When using multiple constraints defined as hash references,
	  the "name" attribute will default to name of the constraint, if it is
	  being called by name. 

	- added documentation for writing your own validation routines.
	- New Feature: Added 'valid' accessor/mutator method to manage
	  and manipulate the result set. This can be useful to modify 
	  the result set from within a constraint.

	- New Feature: Added "constraint_method" as an alternative
		to "constraint" in the hash-based constraint definition. 
		Related to this, there are new accessor methods for use
		inside of custom constraints:

		This whole arrangement brings support for multi-valued constraints with

	- various documentation clean ups

2.10 Sun Apr 20 2003
	- New Feature: (EXPERIMENTAL) Added support for returning error messages
	  for missing and invalid fields (Juan Jose Natera Abreu).
	  This piece of functionality is marked as experimental because
	  the interface may change in the near future, and it has not been
	  tested as well as rest of the module. Search in the documentation for
	  "msgs" for the details.

	- New Feature: added support for building with Module::Build. For more
	  information on Module::Build, read this:

	- New Feature: included SIGNATURE file in distribution for verification
	  with Module::Signature

2.04 Fri Apr 11 2003
	- Bug Fix: multiple parameters passed to a constraint
	were not being handled appropriately in some cases. (Markus)
	- Bug Fix: Calling "validate" as a class method in combination
	with using "validator_packages no longer causes a problem.

2.03 Thu Apr 10 2003
     - Bug Fix: use of "delete" syntax with multiple values updated
	 	to be backwards compatible with Perl 5.005 (Jonathan Buhacoff) 

2.02 Wed Apr 09 2003
	- Bug Fix: fixed bug with required_regexp and optional_regexp triggered  
	if there is no required_regexp or optional_regexp in the profile *and*
	something exists in $@ (Dom)

2.01 Wed Apr 02 2003
	- Bug Fix: Fix bug introduced in 1.93 which didn't handle
		input values appropriately that were references to other things
		besides arrays. (Boris Zentner)

2.00 Sat Mar 22 2003
	- Bug Fix: Fixed bug where all code references were treated as if the were
	  using the 'multiple constraints' feature.  This bug was likely introduced
	  in 1.93 (Chris Spiegel)
	- Bug Fix: Fixed bug which caused a failllure when using some sides of
	  subroutine constraints within the "multiple constraints" syntax. 
	  (Chris Spiegal}

1.93 Sun Mar 09 2003
	- New Feature: Keys with multiple values are now supported
	- New Feature: A CGI.pm object can now be used to provide the input data
	- Bug Fix: pattern matching is faster in some cases now by not using $&
	  (Tony Stubblebine)
	- Bug Fix: better support for using valid_* packages imported from other
	  packages. (Alexander Solovey)
	- added link to demo site in documentation
	- fixed typo in documentation example (Kato Atsushi)
	- added link to Japanese translatation of the documents (Kato Atsushi)

1.92 Sun Dec 22 2002
    - support for untainting data (Tony Stubblebine)
	- documentation typo fixes (Charlie Garrison)
	- validator_packages added to profile specification
	  allowing import of validation routine from other packages (Jeremy Muhlich)
	- support for multiple constraints per field added (Jeremy Muhlich)
	- support for literal values in constraint param field (Jeremy Muhlich)

1.91 Sun Oct 05 2002
	- Added feature to require some fields in a group. (Brad Smithart)
	- Bumped version to be greater than 1.9 to make CPAN.pm fetching work again

1.11 Sat Jun 29 2002 
	- Fixed small bug where constraint arrays were tested with truth rather than length. (Maurice Aubrey) 
	- Fixed documentation bug for american_phone validation (Dan Puro)
	- Added documentation for simplified syntax using a class method  
	- Added profile syntax checking to help catch misspelled keys faster

1.10 Sun Apr 21 2002
	- Added code for field_filter_regexp_map (Tim Noll)

1.9  Sun Feb 17 2002
	- Fixed bug introduced in 1.8 which caused missing optional fields to 
	  wrongly subjected to constraint checking

1.8   Thu Feb 14 2002
	- Added link to Data::FormValidator::Tutorial in SEE ALSO section
	- Added "missing_optional_valid" flag to profiles to allow missing
	  optional fields to be considered valid

1.7   Sat Nov 03 2001
    - Fixed broken constraint_regexp_map implementation. If you
	  followed the example syntax in the documentation your regular
	  expression could have failed to match when it should have
	  succeeded. This feature now works as advertised in the
    - Updated documentation to reflect new mailing list and public
      CVS server.

1.6   Sun Sep 23 2001
	- Fixed bug with undefined lists by using empty lists instead (Ronald Kimball)
	- added IP address validation routine (Juan Jose Natera Abreu)

1.5.1 Wed Jul 18 2001
	- Updated version number to circumvent CPAN issue. No code changes. 

1.5   Thu Jun 28 2001
	- Added more flexible dependency system (Ade Olonoh)

1.4   Fri Jun 22 2001
	- Fixed bug with code references (T.J. Mather)

1.3   Tue Jun 19 2001
	- Now maintained by Mark Stosberg <mark@stosberg.com>
	- Added constraint_regexp_map, required_regexp, optional_regexp
	- filter functions are exported
	- Renamed to Data::FormValidator from HTML::FormValidator

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