Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-Locale-Wolowitz

0.160190  2016-01-20 00:02:10+01:00 Europe/Paris

    Speedup: less temp scalars, index instead of regex
    Added optional third argument (force language)
    handling to loc()
    Shortcut lang detection on multiple loc() calls within
    one request, when no session is used
    Typos and such

0.140120  2014-01-12 01:53:54CET+0100 Europe/Paris

    Few cosmetic things.
    Fix unitialized value in substitution when accept_language is empty, thanks
    to isync for the patch.

0.122470  2012-09-03 23:32:10 Europe/Paris

    Add few tests.
    Add exception if translate directory not found.

0.121720  2012-06-20 23:31:40 Europe/Paris

    Persistent Wolowitz obj so json isn't parsed over and over again.
    Don't need use a session engine.

0.121391  2012-05-18 23:39:44 Europe/Paris

    Fix global variable.
    Fix tests.

0.121390  2012-05-18 21:24:33 Europe/Paris

    Initial version developed.