0.001010 2019-02-23 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Add '.' to @INC so Module::Install continues to work,
      thank you Gregor Herrmann (gregoa) (PR: #97)
0.001009 2019-02-19 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Add '.' to @INC so Module::Install continues to work.

0.001008  2015-08-07 <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Fix issue with author name
    * Allow for custom open() args for stdout_file and stderr_file

0.001007  2015-07-26 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Module name POD format fixed (RT 93280)
    * Add "forground" to --help (by marcusramberg)
    * Add with_plugins to support a simple plugin system
    * symlink readme.POD to support GitHub readme from the lib itself

0.001005  2014-02-19 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Constructor now accepts a list as well as a hashref
    * New method added: run_command, allows multiple instances of D::C
      in the same script.  Accepts the action as an argument and returns
      the exit code the user should exit with.
    * do_foreground added to allow running the code ref or program w/o forking
    * DC_FOREGROUND env will force foreground, regardless of compile-time settings
    * foreground added to constructor -- shortcut to fork => 0, quiet => 1
    * Calling the script without an argument results in the syntax being displayed
    * Stray exit removed for run_command
    * Updated documentation

0.001004  2013-08-27 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Abort the kill loop when PID changes; Thanks, atomicstac

0.001003  2013-06-12  SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Add quiet accessor to supress pretty_print (github#51)

0.001002  2013-06-11  SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Due to checking for true values instead of define it was
      possible to start a daemon as root by setting uid/gid to 0/0,
      but not user/group to root/root, which would resolve to 0/0 and
      be considered an invalid user, which it's not.
    * Fix an encoding error in the POD resulting from Ævar Arnfjörð
      Bjarmason contributing to the project.
    * Tests that invoke Perl now use $^X instead of the $PATH's perl.
    * properly write the pid file in single fork mode (github#49)

0.001001  2013-04-29  SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * All 0.001001 changes brought to you by Karen Etheridge; Thanks, ether!
    * create dir for pid_file if it does not exist
    * fix uninitialized warning in error when exec fails
    * 'stop' is now faster when kill_timeout is set to high values, by checking
      every second if the daemon has terminated rather than waiting for the
      full kill_timeout duration
    * new option: prereq_no_process
    * stdout is flushed immediately when diagnostic output is printed

0.001000  2013-02-26  SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * fixed a warning on "uninitialized value $called_with in substitution"

    * include the date and module version in the generated init file
      (Karen Etheridge)

    * warn is used rather than printing to STDERR
    * new commands: help, reload
    * new options: kill_timeout, umask, init_code, do_help
    * new functions: do_help, do_reload, trace
    * pid file is now written as the current user, then chowned to the target user
    * pid file is now written when single-forking
    * gid is calculated when not provided but the uid is, avoiding some

0.000009  2012-04-19 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Stole Moo's MANIFEST.SKIP

0.000008  2012-04-19 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Added Makefile to MANIFEST.SKIP

0.000007  2012-04-15 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Added user and group accessors to set uid/gid based on names
    * Updated docs.

0.000006  2012-04-15 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * PID file will be deleted on do_stop
    * PID file will be created by the target user when ->uid set
    * uid() and gid() now take strings as well (doherty)
    * Kill signal order changed to TERM TERM INT KILL
    * init_config option added, gives LSB script a file to source.
    * Typo fixes
    * Mike Doherty (doherty) added to contrib (Thank you!)

0.000005  2012-02-18 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Fixed an issue with the inital PID being invalid.
    * Added directory accessor to support chdir before exec.
    * Minor documentation changes

0.000004  2012-02-18 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * First release to cpan.
    * Refactoring and review by Matt S. Trout
    * I really changed the version this time!

0.000003  2012-02-18 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Test added for show_warnings.
    * Documentation updated for 0.0.2 changes.
    * Version changed this time.

0.000002  2012-02-18 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Default fork mode changed to double.
    * Added show_warnings command instead of alerting
      about DWIM actions.
    * Fatal warnings changed from warn+exit to die (exits non-zero)
    * _fork handles undef/cannot fork.
    * $self->redirect_filehandles added
    * redirect_before_fork added (default 1)
    * With a code ref, $self is passed (can $control->redriect_filehandles)

0.000001 2012-02-02 SymKat <symkat@symkat.com>
    * Inital Commit