0.08 2017-06-01

    * INCOMPATIBLE: handles with transactions are not released
      to the pool after commit/rollback. They behave as any other
      handle and gets released on "destruction"
    * don't listen IO when a query gets rejected by error in pg_ready
    * calls to commit/rollback are not allowed (die) when there is
      an active query on the handle
    * update documentation

0.07 2017-05-08

    * ping DB if we take 30+ seconds old handle from the pool
    * handle more exceptions and turn them into promise's rejects
    * delete release_to state var so the same handle can be takes
      in different mode
    * don't accept handles for release that have an error and are
      not pingable
    * handle server closing connection
    * ->errobj method on dbh
    * avoid memory leak in transaction release code
    * rollback not finished transactions on destruction

0.06 2016-08-29

    * re-implement auto release using resurrection on destroy

0.05 2016-08-12

    * keep handles in "auto" release mode, so they don't get destroyed

0.03 2016-02-25

    * Promises was not listed as a dep

0.02 2016-02-19

    * implement auto release of handles to the pool

0.01 2016-02-18

    * initial release