NAME - summary of column values for a table

SYNOPSIS [options] tables traits


  --format  output format (text,xls or html)
  --outname name of the output file
  --where   optional where clause
  --dsn     DBI dsn to connect to
  --verbose give verbose progress information
  --help    help message
  --man     full documentation

The tables are a comma-separated list of table names.

The traits are a comma-separated list of trait names.



Gives the DBI DSN

--format FORMAT

Formats the output. Valid values are html and text (default).

--where CLAUSE

Restrict the resultset by a where clause. The given string will be inserted verbatim after a WHERE keyword.


This program is a commandline frontend to DBIx::DataAudit. It will display a short audit of the column values for a table.