Revision history for DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Object-Enum

0.06 May 30th 2014
	- bind is_nullable to Object::Enum unset and default value behavior
	- fixes RT 95597
0.05 Jan 27th 2014
	- Updated dist build to distzilla
	- fixed
	TODO: fix issue 74086
	TODO: fix issue 80705
0.04    Jan 27th 2009
	- Removed self dependency 
0.03    Nov 11th 2008
	- Modified error verbage as per request from mst
	- Changed ChangeLog sorting from latest -> oldest
	- Migrated from internal svn repo to dbic-class svn repo

0.02    Oct 25th 2008
        - Expanded testing database and tap tests to test for varchar 
          nullable and non-nullable and database native enum nullable 
          and non-nullable 
        - Fixed a implmentation for Object::Enum->new so that columns value
          on inflation is set correctly. This could have been considered
          a nasty bug. Discovered through new tests.
        - Added sanity check for inflation value set for invalid values so 
          that we don't get Object::Enum's die for invalid value as I don't
          like that behavior. Maybe a column_info to control check would be 
          more reasonable?
        - Changed allowable values usages from values column_info property
          to extra->list property to make this modules usage fall more 
          inline with how SQL::Translator handles native enum database
          types. As per suggestion from Bernhard Graf.
	- Added to code to enable smarter default_value handling

0.01    Oct 23rd 2008
        - Register_column implemented
        - Test database schema implemented
        - Wrote base TAP tests