DBD::DB2::Changes - List of changes

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.89, May 26, 2021

  Fix building with DBI installed in local::lib and some test cases fixed. Tested on 5.18 and above.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.88, May 21, 2021

  README file changes. Tested on 5.18 and above.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.87, April 07, 2021

  Uploaded but deleted due to duplicate entry.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.86, April 07, 2021

  Fixed RHEL-8 related issue in C code compilation. Tested on 5.18 and above.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.85, Oct 08, 2012

  Fixed issue cpan #77414 - Bind fails when run with Perl 5.16
  Fixed issue cpan #79265 - DBD::DB2 tables() signature changed as per latest DBI spec. The old syntax too is supported 

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.84, Mar 21, 2012

  Implemented usage of SQLDataSources ODBC API in dbd_data_sources to remove dependency of instance based DB2 client.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.83, Mar 02, 2012

  Fixed Data truncated error returned while fetching XML documents.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.82, Nov 05, 2011

  Compatibility with Perl version 5.14 - Cpan - 68933

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.81, Jul 03, 2011

  Binding to the return value of a stored procedure silently fails - Cpan - 42185
  Return warning codes when there is successful execution of SQLs with warnings

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.80, Oct 29, 2010

  Fix for Handling for NULL data LOB broken on Perl-5.8

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.79, Jul 14, 2010

  Fixed bug 57562: Handling for NULL data LOB added.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.78, Jan 25, 2010

  Changes for proper handling of LOB types
  Fixed issue of segfault due to passing of NULL to DBIh_SET_ERR_CHAR - Cpan - 52883/53525

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.76, Dec 04, 2009

  Changes for proper functioning of ChopBlanks Feature - Cpan - 50703/51173
  Adding CLONE method in to support threaded environment

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.75, Nov 09, 2009

  Changes in Makefile.PL - Cpan - 49802

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.74, Aug 13, 2009

  DBD-DB2 differed on include paths for Perl 5.8.7 and 5.10. - Cpan - 44903
  Memory Corruption in dbd_preparse in handling more than 10 params - Cpan - 28655
  Inclusion of Test Suite

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.71, Mar 26, 2009

  Retrieving CLOB type gave truncated for DB2 version 9.1fp2 fixed. - 173663
  Segmentation fault unless db2profile is sourced - CPAN - 44505

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.7, Mar 17, 2009

  Improved support for Getting Client Info using DB2 CLP. Enhancement on 160229
  Errors while retrieving multiple resultsets from stored procedures using db2_more_results defect number 172486
  Support for Decfloat Datatype - 172301
  Support for SQLRowCount to prefetch the number of rows that can be retured by a Select/Update/Delete/Insert query - 173018

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.61, Feb 18, 2009

  Version 1.6 broke the CPAN install. Thus I renamed and reuploaded as 1.61
  Improved Error and Warning Handling - Internal Bug - 166025
  Improved XML Support to handle large XML Files - 171868
  Include SQL_ATTR_INFO_PROGRAMNAME as Constant - 166029
  Include SQL_ATTR_CALL_RETURN as Constant - 171813
  Memory Cleanup - 170940

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.3, Dec 25,2008

  Added support for DB2 on MacOS
  Changes in Makefile.PL to support compilation with dmake with ActivePerl 5.8.X and 5.10.X

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.2, Sept 4, 2008

  New Added Support for Trusted Context
  Fixed Compilation Problem on Solaris

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.1, May 24, 2007

  Fixed compile error which was caused due to changes made with DBIc_CACHED_KIDS in DBIv1.55.

Changes in DBD::DB2 1.0, October 25, 2006

  Fixed bug in cancel method

  Fixed bug to enabled iterative execute and fetch

  Fixed bug to handle multiple result sets (compatible with DBIv1.53 and later)

  Fixed memory leak when accessing column names

  Add support for tolerated error handling

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.9a, August 18, 2006

  Add support for multi-byte locales, such as UTF-8

  Add native XML support

  Fix bug in get_info


  Add Changes file

  Updated DB2.pod
  Add examples for binding LOB files
  Add examples for fetching LOB pieces

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.80, August 04, 2006

  Add set current schema as a connection attribute

  Add support for cancel method

  Add support for get_info in order to avoid errors when unsupported InfoType codes are requested

  Add support for full connection string during db2_connect

  Add 64 and 32 bit support during compilation

  Updated DB2.pod
  Add link to the DB2 Information Center
  Add link to the IBM DB2 Perl Database Interface guide

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.79a, July 21, 2006

  Add support for SQL_ATTR_LOGIN_TIMEOUT

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.78, September 20, 2004

  Add support for C-style comments in sql

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.77, September 15, 2004

  NOTE: DBD::DB2 now requires DBI 1.21, which requires
  perl 5.005_03 or later.

  Add support for primary_key_info and primary_key

  Add support for foreign_key_info

  Add support for column_info

  Add support for get_info

  Add support for type_info_all and type_info
     - Read CAVEATS file for hints

  Fix statement handle leak. Statements handles
  are not destroyed properly.

  Fix memory leak in $sth->prepare
  Column buffers are not freed

  Fix Linux and Fedora Core build problem by adding
  -I$Config{vendorarch}/auto/DBI to Makefile.PL

  Updated CAVEATS
  Add documentation for binding CLI packages
  Add information on metadata functions
  Add note to remove constants to bypass a linux build error

  Update DB2.pod
  Add metadata function examples

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.76, October 1, 2001

  Remove cached statement attributes for multiple result sets

  Add support for AS/400

  Replace 'split' function in Constants/Makefile.PL due to apparent
  bug in Perl 5.6.1 on AIX.  Get error: "Bizarre copy of ARRAY in
  aassign at ../Carp/ line 79."

  Add support for DBI->data_sources.

  Add support for multiple result sets

  Fix memory overwrite problem with parameter binding when new parameter
  value is one byte larger than largest value used so far.

  Fix small memory leek in $dbh->do, $dbh->ping, $dbh->tables and

  Fix $sth->bind_param($p_num, $bind_value, $bind_type) &
  $sth->bind_param_inout($p_num, \$bind_value, $max_len, $bind_type).
  $bind_type was ignored.

  Fixed $dbh->tables to work with MVS, VM and AS/400 databases.

  Changed $dbh->tables to return tables for all schemas.  The table
  names returned are now qualified with the schema.

  Add support for attributes in $dbh->tables and $dbh->table_info.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.75, March 29, 2001

  Add new statement attributes.

  Removed db2_async_enable and db2_auto_ipd connection attributes as
  they have no relevance to a DBI program.

  Set $h->state=02000 when no more data available to be fetched.

  Fixed bug where bind_col/bind_columns failed if called prior to
  execute and the statement contained parameter markers.

  Fixed problem with result sets returned from stored procedures.

  Add support for 64bit Windows.

  Replace 'shift' function in Constants/Makefile.PL due to apparent
  bug in Perl 5.6.0 on AIX.  Get error: "Bizarre copy of ARRAY in
  aassign at ../Carp/ line 79."

  Add support for $dbh->ping.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.74, September 6, 2000

  Use execute immediate for $dbh->do() when statement does not use
  parameter markers.

  Fix ChopBlanks.

  Fix a problem when fetched data is truncated due to LongReadLen.

  Add support for spaces in DB2 install path name on Windows NT.

  Fixed build problem with ActivePerl on Windows NT when ActivePerl
  was installed without a compiler environment (i.e. libpth in does not include the compiler library paths).

  DB2_HOME is no longer required if the build is performed in a
  properly configured DB2 environment (i.e. the DB2 'bin' directory
  is in the PATH environment variable).

  Rename DB2 specific attributes to comply with DBI naming
  convention (i.e. use lower case and prefix with db2_).  Old
  attributes still accepted for the time being.

  Add new connection attributes.

  Miscellaneous performance enhancements.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.73, May 12, 2000

  Automatically set CAPI=TRUE in Makefile.PL when Perl Object
  abtraction is enabled.

  Fixed incorrect usage of '==' for Perl string comparison in

  Added support for $dbh->tables and $dbh->table_info.

  Fixed build failure when using Perl 5.004_04: Undeclared
  identifier PL_sv_undef.

  Fixed problem with InactiveDestroy for statement handles, DB2
  statement handle was being freed even when $sth->{InactiveDestroy}
  was turned on.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.72, April 14, 2000

  Added support for bind_param_inout.

  Added support for binary (including BLOB) columns.  Added new
  attribute type $attrib_binary for inserting raw data.

  Added support for LOB input from file (bind attribute 'File=1').
  Added new attribute types $attrib_blobfile, $attrib_clobfile and

  Added support for LongReadLen, LongTruncOk and ChopBlanks

  Fixed retrieval of binary columns so data is returned unconverted.
  (i.e. binary data x'abcd' is not converted to 4 byte string "abcd"
  but rather results in 2 bytes of data 0xabcd).

  General performance improvements.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.71, January 12, 1999

  Ported to Windows NT!

  It is now mandatory for the user to set the DB2_HOME environment
  variable to the installed location of DB2 UDB.  It will no longer
  default to /usr/lpp/db2_05_00.  This was done to accommodate ports
  to other platforms which have different default installation paths.

  Calls to deprecated CLI functions replaced by newer ones
  (i.e. SQLAllocStmt() replaced by SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_STMT,...).

  A couple of bugs in dbd_bind_ph() were fixed.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.70, September 25, 1998

   Corrected values returned from execute().
   Added support for CursorName, TYPE, PRECISION,
      and SCALE statement attributes.
   Minor cleanup.

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.68, July 5, 1998

   Found and fixed a couple of bugs relating to the handling of
      remote data

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.67, May 11, 1998

    Fixed a bug dealing with functions returning SUCCESS_WITH_INFO

Changes in DBD::DB2 0.66, April 2, 1998

    Rewrote code to support multiple concurrent connections

    Fixed a pair of bugs, dealing with nested error codes not
    being properly returned.

    Tested against DB2 version 5

**** Added untested routines to SetConnectionOptions and to SetStmtOptions **** Experimental needs to be moved to private_* ****

Changes in DBD::DB2, Dec 10, 1997

    Fixed a pair of errors which resulted in the infamous
      "DBI Handle has uncleared implementors data" on finishing
      statements prior to disconnect.

Changes in DBD::DB2, Feb 7, 1997

        Created a small pod for DBD::DB2.  Hopefully, this
        will lighten the email load.

        Rolled in all the changes needed to make it compile cleanly
        on Solaris

        Output Parameters for stored procedures now work.

Changes in DBD::DB2, Dec 12, 1996 1. This version fixes a problem with setting/unsetting AutoCommit on the database handle...I need a better test suite :-(

        2. Fixed problem with connect/disconnect/connect cycle

Changes in DBD::DB2, Oct 7, 1996

Added access to the SetStmtOption call, which in conjunction with DB2 v 2.1.1 NLV2 will allow asynchronous database access among other things. SEE the DB2 CLI manual for details.

NOTE: I don't have any sufficiently large database to tell if asynchronous access is working properly. Other options appear to be I'm assuming that asynchronous access is.

Changes in DBD::DB2, Aug 16, 1996

Fixed the following:

    1. Prototype warnings from xsub.

    2. Invalidated cursor messages when exiting after finishing the

Changes in DBD::DB2, June 21, 1996

Fixed the following:

    1. Fixed a package naming problem with the Constants package.

           Screwed up the package name change which caused the tests
       to fail on a clean build system.  Unfortunately, on my test
       systems I was picking up an old copy....

NOTE: **********************************************************

      Any reference to               DB2::Constants,
      MUST now be               DBD::DB2::Constants


Changes in DBD::DB2, June 12, 1996

Fixed the following:

    1.  Not returning the SQLCODE associated with the error.

        All error information is now available from perl - you
        can get SQLCODE from err, sql message string from errstr,
        and SQLSTATE from state.

    2.  Returning a perl failure on connect when a sql failure was

        Perl will now see a !defined($var) on connection failure, so
        that scripts my fail gracefully.

Changes in DBD::DB2, April 25, 1996 No KNOWN problems -- it is however alpha software.

Changes in DBD::DB2, Nov. 17, 1995

        NOTE: ***********************************************************
          This will be the last release of DB2perl this year.  I will
          be migrating the functionality to the new foundation just
          announced by  Only major bug fixes will
          be done.
    NOTE: ***********************************************************

    Fetching of BLOBs (not CLOBs, or DLOBs) is working.

    Fixed some problems with inserting explicit NULLs into tables and
      retrieving rows containing explict NULLs reported by

Changes in DBD::DB2, Sept. 22, 1995 Fetching data works by either @row = $sth->fetchrow() or ($f1, $f2, $f2) = $sth->fetchrow()

Changes in DBD::DB2, Sept. 19, 1995 Initial beta release