Changelog for the Curses::UI distribution:

Version 0.9609
        - Bugfix for crashing error in 0.9608

Version 0.9608
        - TextEditor doc patch from Zane C.B.
        - Patch to allow mainloop to halt from Zane C.B.
        - key handling fix from Scott McCoy
        - Background color set patch from Miquel van Smoorenburg
        - AIX fix from Shava Smallen
        - Fix for prototypes warnings from Damyan Ivanov

Version 0.9607
        - Curses::UI::set_timer no longer calls int() on passed time value,
          allowing Time::HiRes support, thanks to Gilmar Santos, Jr. (RT#29026)
        - Fixed ancient bug in, thanks to Davide Chiarini
          and Michael Arlt (RT#38211,25885)
        - POD testing bug introduced in last version now fixed

Version 0.9606
	- Patch to from Dominque Dumont (RT#39915)
        - Test::POD no longer required for install

Version 0.9605
	- MANIFEST in 0.9604 was bad, causing pertesters FAIL

Version 0.9604
	- MainLoop removal broke several examples. Fixed (thanks to
	  Antony Gelberg)
	- Japanese localization added (thanks Takatoshi Kitano)

Version 0.9603
	- MainLoop has been removed (please use '$cui->mainloop')
	- So the circular reference of $Curses::UI::rootobject has
	  been removed as well
	- RT bugs 31919, 11925 ( testing failures) fixed,
	  again thanks to Russ Allbery
	- now uses strict and warnings(!)
	-'s POD and layout being overhauled
	- BUGS and TODO have been nuked (RT, googlecode)

Version 0.9602
	- Using Module::Install now
	- Removed effectively null t/99template.t which was causing
	  FAILs for CPAN testers (to be replaced with more testing
	  at a later date)
	- Apologies for the weird previous version number

Version 0.96_01
	- Fixed bug in C::UI::Checkbox->get (RT#31916, Russ Allbery)
	- Fixed doc bug in Tutorial.pod (rt#31918, Russ Allbery)
	- Fixed doc bug in (rt#31917, Russ Allbery)
	- Began POD overhaul and code reformatting

Version 0.96
		- Added -keydelay option to new()
		- Fixed Listbox docs again
		- Fixed focusing bug in connection with mouse support
		- Applied patches by Vitaliy Sennikov
	        - Doc patches by Alexey Tourbin
		- Slovak translation by Marek Grac
		- Removed, added note on demos to INSTALL
		- Removed COLOR_TODO
		- Added Coverage (Devel::Cover report)

Version 0.95
		- Fixes to the RT#6770 patch to unbreak listbox
		- Updated Manifest
		- Fixes to Dialog Colors by Antonio Gallo
		- Notebook widget by George Theall

Version 0.94
		- Some patches by Luke Closs (
		  - fixed 99template.t 
		  - word wrap bug
		  - fixes
		  - Dialog labels not-focusable
		  - toggle password mode for text editor
		  - Listbox id() method fix
		  - Query Dialog
		  - Buttonbox patch

		- Listbox now take arrayrefs as well as
		arrays as $l->values. 
		(Patch by RT#6770)

		- tabbing over the last _enabled_ component did
		not result in leaving the container if that 
		component was followed by a non focusable component 
		in the focusorder.
		(Patch by William Barsse RT#7027)

		- small changes to the pod tests

		- event_onblur to fix Checkbox behaviour by
		  Joe Oppegaard and lots of POD fixes

Version 0.93
		- New languages: Turkish, Spanish, Chinese
		- Doc changes to the tutorial (after a nice 
		  review by JC)
		- Fixed the clear routine to use the build ins
		  (maybe a security issue, because it called
		   the system owns "clear" command)
		- Added some methods to the Listbox widget
		- Performance patch by Joe Oppegaard

Version 0.92
		- Ok, blame me, I'll never ever release some
		big changes again at "Karneval". I commented
		out Xterm/Curses mouse support in 0.91. Should	
		work again

		- Changes to the tests, added test to make 0.90
		never happen again and fixed failing tests on
		no screen platforms

Version 0.91
		- fixed critical bug with call to a missing sub 
		  that should have never happened.

Version 0.90
		- got an excellent patch by Ralf S. Engelschall 
		  to enable inline markup in Listbox and other

		- Patch by Rupert Northcote-Green and Scott Husek
		  for vertical aligned Buttonboxes

		- Bugfixes for focusing
		- Mouse hooks for Curses::UI::Mousehandler::GPM

		- At least a little bit of resizing support

		- Hocks for adding events to the mainloop

		- Added insert_at and add_label to Listbox

Version 0.85
		- new Widget: Dirbrowser

		- new tutorial and some doc fixes
		- italian language updated

		- a couple of bugfixes

Version 0.80
		- small fixes to avoid warnings

		- workaround for a strange win32 compile bug

		- fixes to polish translation

		- more tests

		- small changes to some widgets

		- color support changes
			- fixed colors in submenus
			- fixed colors for status messages

		- norwegian translation by Vlad Tepes

Version 0.75     
2003-07-28	- WE GOT COLOR!!! see Curses::UI::Color for details and
		  the new color_editor demo 

		- added french and portuguese translation

		- various small changes and fixes
		- Some work by Raul Dias to fix some focus bugs

Version 0.74

2003-04-27	- Fixed critical bug that broke Menubar selection

Version 0.73

2003-03-28	- Added Russian, Polish, Italian and German language

		- Applied focusdelete and userdata patch by Raul Dias

		- Fixed unselect for single selects in Listbox

		- Fixed Solaris 8 Compile bug

		- Did some documentation work

Version 0.72

2003-03-24	- Maintainer changed, new maintainer is now Marcus
		  Thiesen (MARCUS) <>

		- Small bug fix to the delete call that will now 
		  work right

		- Mouse support is now optional

		- Some additions to the Listbox widget

Version 0.71

2002-02-01      - Darn... the thing did not work correctly on non-
		  ncurses systems. Having things like
		  "BUTTON1_CLICKED" in the code does not work if
		  the Curses module does not have them defined. It
		  should be "BUTTON1_CLICKED()" to avoid warnings
		  like "Bareword "BUTTON1_CLICKED" not allowed..."
		  Solved this in all modules. Thanks to Nick
                  Slussar for noticing.

                - Added mouse-support to the Calendar widget.

		- Added language support, so the widget specific
		  language strings are configurable. The language
		  strings are in Curses::UI::Language::<language>.pm.
		  Extra languages can be created by adding a new
		  <language>.pm file over there. Currently I created
		  a Dutch and an English language module. I you create
		  a language module of your own, please send it to 
		  me. I'll then include it in the distribution.

                - Changed all year 2001 occurrances in the Changelog
		  to 2002. Thanks to Mark Overmeer (mr. Mail::Box) for
		  noticing that I was one year off ;-)

                - Made sure that upon deleting a widget from a
                  container, its subwindows are deleted.

                - Created calendar dialog (request made by Ravi Pina).
		  Also added a little demo to demo-widgets for this
		  new dialog type. The dialog is accessable via
		  Curses::UI ($cui->calendardialog).

		- Changed the unpacking of mouse events a little
		  (thanks to William Setzer for the hint on
		  unpack("sx2i3l", $MEVENT) instead of
		  unpack("i5", $MEVENT)). 

Version 0.70

2002-01-31      - After a lot of hacking on the resize code
                  I decided to leave it out for now. I can't get
		  things stable :-( I will try to look into this
		  at some other time. 

                - Made a start on the support of mouse events. 
		  It's doable! :-) Most widgets now have some sort
		  of mouse event handler. Or widgets should try
		  to focus if clicked upon.

                - Resolved a whole bunch of small bugs that 
		  turned up while building mouse support.

2002-01-29      - Removed automatic resize control. This did not 
		  work good on ncurses (crashes). Now, resizing
		  is done after a keypress.

		- Fixed a bug in the char_read() method. The
		  returncode of the select() call is checked for

                - Non interacting dialogs (status + progress) are
		  now not focusable anymore. This makes sure that
		  the current window is not blurred.

                - Fixed bug: the horizontal positioning of the 
		  first opened menulistbox from a menubar was 

                - Renamed some "constants" to prevent future
                  namespace clashes:
                  KEY_ESCAPE    => CUI_ESCAPE
                  KEY_SPACE     => CUI_SPACE
                  KEY_TAB       => CUI_TAB

2002-01-28      - Removed all demo-Curses::UI* examples from the
		  distribution and created a new widget demo:
		  examples/demo-widgets. In this demo all 
		  widgets and dialogs are showed.

                - If you do "make test INTERACTIVE_TEST=1", the
                  widget demo program will be started if all
		  tests were successful.

                - Fixed examples/pop3_reader for use of the new
		  event system.

                - <SHIFT-TAB> is now supported to focus the 
		  previous object (this will not work on all
		  terminals, but it's a nice-to-have!).

                - A lot of time is involved in debugging widgets.
		  So I added $Curses::UI::debug which can be set
		  using "new Curses::UI(-debug => 1)". Currently
		  only the pressed keys are sent to STDERR (so
		  you should write STDERR out to a file to use
		  the debugging), but more things might be 
		  debugged later on.

                - Fixed bug: schedule_draw is set to zero if an
		  object loses focus (else the schedule would
		  redraw a widget after the focus change if the
		  focus change was done by a binding routine).

		- Made setprogress(), noprogress(), nostatus()
		  from Curses::UI flush the input keys. This
		  makes sure that on some systems the output is
		  not buffered as long as there is input waiting
		  and it is generally a good thing to ignore the
		  input that was done during the showing of
		  the dialog.

                - Removed screenheight tampering from 
		  Curses::UI::Widget->windowparameters() which was
		  used for automatically reserving space for the
		  menubar if the application had one. Now I 
		  have moved this responsibility to the user.
                  The user should use "-padtop => <value>" if a 
		  window should not overlap the menubar. This will
		  let Window centering be real Window centering. This
		  also makes it possible to create a "popup"
		  menubar by letting the main windows draw over
		  the menubar (the menubar will only be visible
		  if it gets the focus).

                - Widgets now can focus another widget using their
		  event callback routines. Before, the widget would
		  always go to the next or previous widget, but now
		  loose_focus() won't do this if the focus is not on 
		  the widget itself anymore. I'm not sure if it works
		  for all widgets already, but I needed it to be
		  able to use the menubar to shift focus between 

2002-01-27      - Renamed the 'return' binding in all widgets to
		  'loose-focus'. This makes much more sense in
		  the new event system (in the old event system
		  a widget would actually return a value when
		  the 'return' binding was called).

                - Renamed the '-homeonreturn' option for TextEditor
		  and its descendants to '-homeonblur' for the
		  same reason as mentioned above.

                - The buttonbox will handle the TAB key different
		  than before. Now it will cycle through the buttons.
		  If the last button is selected and TAB is pressed,
		  the total Buttonbox will loose focus. This is much
		  more like the behaviour that a user would expect. 

                - Fixed a layout bug in Dialog::Basic (if the buttonwidth
		  was larger than the messagewidth, a 'screen not large
		  enough' error would show).

                - Fixed a bug in The popupbox in the
		  FileBrowser window was still built for the old
		  event system. Now it has an -onchange event which
		  reloads the file list. Also, the focus will not
		  longer go to the buttons, but to the filelistbox
		  or the fileentry field if -editfilename is set
		  to a true value.

2002-01-26      - Reading keys is not done anymore using the halfdelay
                  function of curses. Now a select() call is used to
		  determine if there is input waiting.

                - The timeout for reading a key is now depending
		  upon the smallest active timed event interval.
		  If there are no active timed events at all,
		  the timeout will be -1, which causes a full
		  blocking read. In this way as little as possible
		  resources are used.

                - -windowscr, screenwidth and screenheight were a 
		  little bit too cryptic I think. These are now
		  renamed to -canvasscr, canvaswidth and 

                - Fixed bug in (cursor was not visible
		  during search).

		- Switched testing to Test::Harness (t/*.t) 

		- Buttonbox now also has Curses::UI->fatalerror() in
		  case of an illegal button definition.

                - Curses::UI now checks if there is only one
		  instance of Curses:UI and it now exports 
		  MainLoop() (just for fun, it is like the 
		  Tk MainLoop function).

2002-01-25      - Fixed some problems with modal focused windows.

                - The Popupmenu widget now also works. This widget
		  is partly rewritten to make it more clean and
		  make it fit in the new event system.

		- New method: Curses::UI->fatalerror( [error] ).
		  This will display a fatal error to the user.
		  After pressing a key, the program will exit.
		  This is usefull in places where you would
		  otherwise use die() (or one of its Carp friends).

                - Moved usemodule() from the Container package to
		  Curses::UI. This method now honours the %INC
		  hash, which means less on-the-fly loading of
		  modules will occur.

                - Made searching through listboxes and textviewers
		  possible in the new event system.

                - Fixed some -onchange event bugs in popupmenu.

till 2002-01-24 - The complete event structure is set upside-down.
                  By using this new event structure, timed routines
                  and mouse events are possibilities. Maybe even
                  integration with POE! :-) (but I haven't looked
                  into that enough to be sure). We also have a 
		  Tk-like mainloop() now.

                - Updated a lot of widgets to support the new event
                  structure (central mainloop in Curses::UI which
                  delegates events). This means that a widget has
                  a event_keypress() method, which handles 
                  delegated keypresses.

Version 0.64

2002-01-19:     - Started on building a complete new event handling
                  system. This should simplify a couple of things and
                  it should enable new features like some kind of 
                  time loop and mouse events.

Version 0.63

2002-01-16:     - Added a CLASS HIERARCHY section to the 
                  documentation of each Curses::UI class.

                - All focusable objects now have the following 
                  event callbacks:
                  -onfocus / onFocus()
                  -onblur  / onBlur()

                - The Curses::UI::Calendar widget now fully
                  supports the years 0 - 9999, including the
                  transition from the Julian to the Gregorian
                  calendar (september 1752). This beats the
                  use of timelocal/localtime (which would 
                  currently only support 1900 - 2038 IIRC).

                - Added intellidraw() method to Curses::UI::Widget.
                  If this method is called, the widget is redrawn, but
                  only if it's visible (not hidden and in topwindow)
                  and if intellidraw is enabled (-intellidraw data 
                  member has a true value).

                  This routine can be used to be able to redraw 
                  widgets on a status change, without having to figure
                  out yourself if this wouldn't clutter up the screen.
                  The -intellidraw option is meant for widget
                  builders (see for example the Checkbox code).

                - Incorporated intellidraw() method in:
                  - Curses::UI::Window
                  - Curses::UI::Label
                  - Curses::UI::Calendar
                  - Curses::UI::Buttonbox
                  - Curses::UI::Listbox (+ descendants)
                  - Curses::UI::Checkbox
                  - Curses::UI::Popupbox
                  - Curses::UI::Progressbar
                  - Curses::UI::TextEditor (+ descendants)
                  - Curses::UI::SearchEntry

                - Added a little example application to demonstrate
                  the new intellidraw feature: examples/demo-intellidraw 

2002-01-15:     - Changed the displaying of the calendar widget
                  a little. The topbar showing a date is only 
                  highlighted if the cursor is on the selected date.
                - Renamed some widgets (now we still can). I think
                  there are too many capitals in them...
                  - Curses::UI::ListBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::CheckBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::MenuBar renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::MenuListBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::PopupBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::ProgressBar renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::ButtonBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::RadioButtonBox renamed to
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::FileBrowser renamed to

                - Added event callbacks to:
                  - Curses::UI::Calendar      (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::Listbox       (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::Checkbox      (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::TextEditor    (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::TextEntry     (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::PasswordEntry (-onchange / onChange())
                  - Curses::UI::Popupmenu     (-onchange / onChange())

                - The options that can be passed to the new()
                  methods, are case insensitive now. So it is
                  perfectly okay to write:
                      'cb', 'Checkbox',
                      -Label => 'Demonstration widget',
                      -onChange => sub { exit() } 

Version 0.62

2002-01-14:     - Changed the Label widget. The text to
                  show on the widget may contain more than
                  one line of text (so newline characters
                  may be used). The status-dialog is changed
                  accordingly. Other widgets that use Labels
                  are not updated yet.

                - Updated Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress for
                  use with the new Label widget.

                - Fixed a layout bug in Curses::UI::Widget
                  (the available height and width were 
                  incorrectly computed when using negative
                  -x and -y offsets).

                - Renamed Curses::UI::Buttons to 
                  Curses::UI::Buttonbox, which is more like
                  the naming of the rest of the widget set.
                  Updated all examples and wigets for this

                - Fixed some undefined value warnings in

                - Incorporated multi-line label support in
                  the checkbox widget.

                - Added new widgets + documentation:
                  - Curses::UI::PasswordEntry
                  - Curses::UI::Calendar
		- Added new example applications:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Calendar

2002-01-13:     - Changed the way the buttons are defined
                  in Curses::UI::Buttons (all information
                  is now in the -buttons option and there
                  are predefined button types).
                  The documentation for Curses::UI::Buttons
                  is updated.

                - Buttons can now have a -onpress event assigned
                  to them. This callback will execute after
                  the button is pressed and before the focus
                  is lost.

                - All examples are updated for the changed
                  Curses::UI::Buttons class.

                - Solved a warning for some versions of
                  perl about a prototype.

                - Fixed some documentation typos.

Version 0.61

2002-01-13:     - Extended the examples/basic_test file
                  to test the functionality of the basic 
                  widgets (for now: Label, Buttons, 
                  Checkbox, Listbox, Popupbox, 
                  Progressbar and TextEditor). Directly
                  derived widgets are not tested (like
                  Radiobuttonbox and TextEntry) because
                  these will most probably work like
                  they should if the base class is okay.

                - Changed the structure of the checkbox
                  widget. The layout() method would each
                  time re-add the label widget to the
                  checkbox widget. Now the checkbox is 
                  a container derivate which always
                  contains the label.

                - Fixed bug: The TextEditor class and
                  derivates didn't call check_for_resize()
                  during focus, so screen resize was
                  not detected.

2002-01-12:     - Fixed some broken links in the

                - Removed "use Carp qw(confess)" from
                  the modules which do not use this

                - Wrote documentation for:
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::Error
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::Filebrowser
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress
                  - Curses::UI::Dialog::Status

                - Added new example applications:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Dialog::Filebrowser
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Dialog::Status

                - Added the -clear_on_exit option
                  to Curses::UI. If this option is
                  set, a Curses::UI application will
                  call "clear" on exit.

Version 0.60

2002-01-11:     - Wrote documentation for:
                  - Curses::UI::MenuListbox 
                  - Curses::UI::Menubar 

                - Added new example application:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Menubar

2002-01-10:     - Wrote documentation for:
                  - Curses::UI::TextEditor 
                  - Curses::UI::TextEntry 
                  - Curses::UI::TextViewer 
                  - Curses::UI::Common 
                  - Curses::UI::Container 
                - Added new example applications:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic
                  - demo-Curses::UI::TextEditor

                - New option for Curses::UI::Label: -paddingspaces

2002-01-09:     - If the screen is too small for the application
                  to show, the program will no longer die.
                  Now it will show a message telling the user
                  that the screen should be bigger. 

                - Added the -compat option and compat() method
                  to Curses::UI. If -compat is set to a true
                  value, the Curses::UI widgets will be draw
                  using only basic characters, which should be
                  available on all terminals. This might be 
                  a good option for terminals which do not 
                  have characters like ACS_VLINE and ACS_HLINE.

                - Changed the -viewmode of Curses::UI::TextEditor
                  to -readonly.

                - The setpos() method of Curses::UI::Progressbar
                  has been renamed to pos(). The options 
                  -showpercentage and -showcenterline have been
                  changed to -nopercentage and -nocenterline.

                - Wrote documentation for:
                  - Curses::UI::Popupbox
                  - Curses::UI::Progressbar
                  - Curses::UI::SearchEntry 
                  - Curses::UI::Searchable 
                - Added new example applications:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Popupbox
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Progressbar

2002-01-08:     - Deleted last references to the old mws (Maurice's
                  Widget Set) namespace from the modules.

                - Wrote documentation for:
                  - Curses::UI::Checkbox
                  - Curses::UI::Label
                  - Curses::UI::Listbox

                - Added new example applications:
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Checkbox
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Label
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Listbox

Version 0.56

2002-01-07:     - Added new example applications: 
                  - hello_world
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Buttons
                  - demo-Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress
                  - pop3_reader: a simple POP3 mail reader

		- Wrote documentation for Curses::UI::Buttons

		- New constants in KEY_TAB, KEY_SPACE

                - Moved the following methods from to
                  - clear_binding()
                  - set_routine()
                  - set_binding()
                  - process_bindings()
                  - generic_focus()

2002-01-07:     - Dialogs are moved to their own namespace:

                - Curses::UI has two new filebrowser dialog methods:
                  loadfilebrowser() and savefilebrowser(). These 
                  are filebrowser dialogs which are setup correctly
                  for loading and saving files. The savefilebrowser()
                  will also check if the file to save to does exist.
                  If it does it will show a confirmation dialog to
                  have the user confirm that the file may be 

                - The code for centering a Window is now in the
                  Curses::UI::Window class. If the option -centered
                  is set, the layout() method will center the 

                - The add() routines of the classes Curses::UI and 
                  Curses::UI::Container will not also accept
                  "Dialog::*" as a shortcut for "Curses::UI::Dialog::*".

                - Added a new dialog: Curses::UI::Dialog::Status and
                  added documentation and and example to Curses::UI.

                - Added a new dialog: Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress and
                  added documentation and and example to Curses::UI.

                - Curses::UI applications will now automatically 
                  clear the screen on exit (by calling the 'clear'
                  program using a safe $PATH).

Version 0.55

2002-01-06:     - Instead of: 
                    $thingy->add('id', 'Curses::UI::WidgetType', %args)
                  You may now also write:
                    $thingy->add('id', 'WidgetType', %args)
                  If there are no double colons in the class name,
                  the sofware assumes the class is in Curses::UI.

                - Wrote documentation for Curses::UI.

                - Fixed some small bugs and did some code cleanup.

2002-01-05:     - Included basic_test in, so a real use of the
                  package is tested.

                - The Curses::UI::RootWindow does not exist anymore.
                  Now the rootlevel for Curses::UI is created using
                  "my $cui = new Curses::UI".

                - Finished first version of documentation for 

Version 0.54

2002-01-04:	- Some small changes in the examples and a new example
                  (basic_test) added.

		- Added -show_hidden option to the Filebrowser.

		- Added ~ keybinding to the Filebrowser. If ~ is pressed in the
		  directory- or filebrowser, the Filebrowser will go to the 
		  homedirectory of the current user.

		- If at creation time of the Filebrowser, the -path is 
                  not defined, the Filebrowser will start at the 
                  homedirectory of the user.

                - The Curses::UI::Frame class is now called Curses::UI::Widget.

                - Solved a bug in Curses::UI::Common::delallwin() which
                  caused a segmentation fault on some systems (by doing
                  a delwin on an already deleted curses window).
                - Made a to test the loading of all classes.

                - Updated Makefile.PL, so required modules are checked.

                - Made a start on documenting Curses::UI. The first bit
                  of documentation is in Curses::UI::Widget. More will

Version 0.53

2002-01-03:	- Initial import to CPAN.