Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::Sodium.

0.01  Wed Jun 26 11:55:07 2013
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -n Crypt::Sodium

0.05  Mon May 26 15:23:01 2014
	- fixed RT #95985 (Confusing length error messages) and 
                RT #95987 (crypto_box() adds zero padding)

0.06  Fri Jan 23 11:37:00 2015
    - removed Perl 5.18 requirement, it appears build 
	  problems on earlier versions of perl have been

0.07  Sat Mar 21 01:42:00 2015
    - fixed RT #102894 (get rid of hand coded padding added
      for RT #95987, add support for crypto_secretbox(), and
      crypto_pwhash_scrypt* functions).  thank you for the
      patches, Tom!

0.08  Thu Oct  1 11:26:31 2015
    - merged pull request from rdecker adding 
      crypto_generichash(), crypto_sign_detached(), and 
      crypto_sign_verify_detached(), and fixing memory leaks
      in the XS code.  Thank you, Rob!
0.09  Mon Dec 12 12:06:20 2016
    - fixing RT #118956 by applying NEWELLC's patch.  many
      thanks for the patches and the follow up, Colin! 
    - added support for crypto_scalarmult and a convenience 
      function crypto_scalarmult_safe (misnamed?) that allows
      for creating shared secrets between sets of keys GitHub 
      ticket #3; thanks for the request @petschge!
    - added support for crypto_scalarmult_base which allows 
      calculation of a public key from a secret key
    - added assert()'s around sodium_init() calls to silence 
      clang's warnings about unused return values
0.10  Thu Dec 22 19:36:03 2016
    - accepted and merged PR #4 from @colinnewell that 
      substitutes all occurrences of newSVpv with newSVpvn
      to improve the handling of empty string values across
      the board
    - got rid of assert.h and redundant sodium_init() calls, 
      now call sodium_init() once in's BEGIN {} 
    - tested that segfaults no longer occur fixed on armv7 

0.11  Thu Dec 22 20:18:42 2016
    - updated crypto_generichash to use sodium_malloc()
    - removed unused real_crypto_generichash_key XS routine
    - added support for randombytes_uniform()
    - added tests for crypto_generichash and company
    - added tests for randombytes_random() and _uniform()
    - added crypto_generichash_init(), _update(), and final()
      to support multi-part hashing