Revision history for Perl extension Crypt-DSA

1.17 2011.06.16
	- Upgrade to Module::Install 1.01
	- Added support for OpenSSL 1.0.0 dsaparam format change.
	- Requires perl 5.6 now
	- Fixes for 64-bit support

1.16 2009.09.11
	- Switching to production release
	- Switching to non-development version

0.15_01 2009.02.13
	- Updated to Module::Install 0.91
	- Added a consistent $VERSION across the entire distro
	- Removed the optional dependency on Convert::PEM for more
	  consistent downstream packaging (it was pointless to ask
	  since most people don't know what it is anyways).
	- Data::Buffer has almost perfect CPAN Testers PASS, so always
	  install it (plus, SSH2 is common now).
	- Added some missing dependencies to the Makefile.PL
	- Removed the sign(1) and auto_install (which was dangerous)
	- Removed all the magic repository tags that would change depending
	  on who was maintaining it.
	- Adding missing test_requires for and Test::More (I'll
	  migrate the remaining tests away from next release)
	- Merged the ToDo file into the POD

0.14  2006.05.08
	- Win32 fixes: use Data::Random as a fallback in make_random, better
	  support for locating openssl. Thanks to CFRANKS for the patch.
	- Makefile.PL update, to the latest Module::Install. Thanks to Adam
	  Kennedy for the patch.

0.13  2005.05.26
	- Rewrote to use Math::BigInt instead of Math::Pari, including patches
	  from Brad Fitzpatrick for a replacement for the isprime function
	  (both using pure Perl and an external gp program).
	- Added optional Content argument to Crypt::DSA::Key->new, to specify
	  serialized Content to be deserialized.
	- Added Signature serialization and deserialization of ASN.1-encoded
	- Added ability to do key generation using an external openssl binary.
	  Thanks to Brad Fitzpatrick for the patch.
	- Signature object now has better get/set acccessors.
	- Use Module::Install instead of hand-coded Makefile.PL.

0.12  2001.05.03
	- Removed swap file from the distribution. :)

0.11  2001.05.02
	- Added Crypt::DSA::Key::SSH2, which reads SSH2-format DSA
	  key files. These are a different format than those used
	  by OpenSSH (that uses PEM-encoded files). Currently only
	  reading SSH2 key files is supported, and the files must not
	  be encrypted.
	- Added size method to Crypt::DSA::Key. $key->size is number
	  of bits in p.

0.10  2001.04.22
	- Added much better test suite: tests bigint utilities in Util,
	  sign/verify, key generation (512, 768, 1024 bits), PEM
	  encoding/decoding (if Convert::PEM is installed), FIPS 186-2
	  example case.
	- Added interface to Convert::PEM to read/write encrypted
	  PEM files containing ASN.1-encoded DSA keys. Convert::PEM
	  is optional; Makefile.PL will check for it and warn if it
	  can't be found.
	- Get/set accessors now take hex values and store their values
	  internally as strings. Thanks to Crypt::RSA for the idea. :)

0.03  2001.04.07
	- abstracted signature object into Crypt::DSA::Signature object.

0.02  2001.03.23
	- split up code into separate modules (ie. KeyChain, Key, Util, etc.)
	- switched from using GMP to Pari
	- streamlined code
	- added documentation

0.01  2001.03.22
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19