Revision history for Control-CLI

1.00    2011-03-27
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

1.01    2011-04-03
	* Module installation test script now requires (build_requires) Net::Telnet
	* Changed test script for detection of Serial port under unix which was not working on most Linux systems
	* Ported Device::SerialPort ability to manually specify a TESTPORT=<DEVICE> when running Makefile.PL/Build.PL
	* Added use of Exporter module for optionally importing class methods

1.02    2011-05-08
	* Still a few Linux systems where my serial port detection failed; modified the test script
	* Corrected uninitialized $fh warning in input_log, output_log, dump_log when no argument and telnet connection 

1.03    2011-08-24
	* Implemented eof() method
	* Corrected sleep timer in readwait() which was doing non-blocking reads much faster than 0.1 seconds intervals
	* Corrected read() which was not logging to input/dump logs in non-blocking mode for SSH & Serial, if read buffer was "0"
	* Login stage variable was not re-initialized correctly after a disconnect(); could cause errors on subsequent login()

1.04    2013-01-04
	* Reversed a change made in 1.03 under readwait, older versions of Perl generate a warning when doing length(undef)
	* Net-SSH2's eof does not seem to work; modified eof method to make it behave consistently for both Telnet & SSH
	* SSH stderr is now merged onto regular channel; using Net-SSH2 ext_data('merge') call
	* Implemented ssh_channel() method to be able to return underlying SSH channel object
	* Module now detects errors from SerialPort's read_const_time used before reads and updates eof
	* When errmode() is set to $arrayref the error message is now appended as the last argument to &$coderef
	* Added an interactive mode to the test script so that a connection to a device can be easily tested after installation
	* Enhanced alternative form of login() method allows login sequence/banner to be captured and returned
	* Modified default login/password prompts expected by login() method
	* Implemented break() method
	* No more calls to debug() method when the debug level is not changed; eliminates carping from Device::SerialPort

1.05    2013-08-25
	* As of this version, Telnet & SSH connections can now be run over IPv6, as long as IO::Socket::IP is installed
	* SSH failed connection now gives error message "SSH unable to connect" instead of "SSH unable to password authenticate"
	* Net-SSH2 (libssh2) eof still not working, and now returning a different error on disconnection; updated eof method
	* Some devices have a crude SSH implementation with no authentication and instead use an interactive login after the SSH
	  connection is established (just like Telnet does); the connect() method is now changed to allow these SSH connections
	* Added connection_timeout for Telnet and SSH connections; previously no consistent connection timeout was enforced
	* Method connect() now accepts '$host [$port]' which will work for IPv6 addresses; syntax '$host[:$port]' is deprecated
	* Serial port disconnect() now flushes recent writes before closing the connection; needed with Device::SerialPort
	* Method waitfor() now catches invalid Perl regular expression patterns passed to it and performs the error mode action
	* Added a flush_credentials method to undefine stored credentials
	* Code changes to pass Perl Critic severity 4 and above violations

1.06	2014-04-21
	* Method login() in list context did not return output received from host device if the login failed
	* Version 1.05 on MSWin32 was not working anymore with newest Net::Telnet 3.04 (due to bug id 94913); added workaround

2.00	2014-12-31
	* As of this version, methods connect(), login(), cmd() and waitfor() support a non-blocking mode for
	  which they now have a poll method: connect_poll(), login_poll(), cmd_poll() and waitfor_poll()
	* New generic non-blocking poll() object/class method to poll multiple objects of this class simultaneously
	* Method waitfor() was incorrectly setting s option on match, i.e. treating string as single line (. matches a newline)
	* Method change_baudrate() was incorrectly returning undef if the requested baudrate was already set
	* Error mode 'die' would always show as the die file and not the actual file where the error occurred
	* Error message for blocking read() timeout was incorrectly reported as "Received eof from connection"
	* Timer for readwait() method, previously hard coded to 100 millisecs, is now configurable via readwait_timer() method
	* Method break() now accepts a configurable duration argument for generating break signal over serial port connections
	* Prompt_credentials now resets Term::ReadKey ReadMode to whatever was in use before calling connect() / login()
	* Debug levels are now bit based; only bits 1 & 2 are defined in this class; new debugMsg() method for sub-classes
	* Added a socket method to return the IO::Socket::IP or IO::Socket::INET object
	* Fixed "Can't call method "ext_data" on an undefined value at Control/ line X" which was caused by SSH
	  connecting to a device that only accepts publickey authentication, with no keys provided
	* SSH & Serial, methods input_log, output_log and dump_log were not returning the filehandle when called with no arguments
	* All methods now handle error mode correctly if called before a connection is established or after disconnect
	* Added a connected() method to check status of connection
	* Carp messages from Win32::SerialPort are now always suppressed, unless debug level is active on bit1
	* Method change_baudrate() now can also be used to change Parity, Databits, Stopbits and Handshake settings
	* Method read(Blocking => 1, Timeout => $secs) using Device::SerialPort was ignoring the Timeout argument
	* SSH connect() is now able to also handle keyboard-interactive authentication method 

2.01	2015-03-08
	* poll_read() and poll_readwait() were not catching errors from non-blocking read in non-blocking poll mode
	* change_baudrate() was not working properly on some devices; had to add a 100ms delay between tearing down and restarting
	  the connection; to avoid this delay in non-blocking mode, the method is now pollable via new poll_change_baudrate()
	* prompt_credentials can now be set either as a code ref or as an array ref where the 1st element is a code ref
	* poll() poll_code argument will now also accept an array ref where the 1st element is a code ref
	* 2.00 destroy method could cause: (in cleanup) Can't call method X on an undefined value ... during global destruction

2.02	2016-02-07
	* Added data_with_error() and argument to readwait() for handling case where some data is read followed by a read error
	* Sub-classing method syntax changed to more flexible hash style arguments (old list style format still accepted)
	* Added match_list argument to waitfor() method
	* When setting error mode or prompt_credentials or poll() poll_code to an array ref with 1st element a code ref, this was
	  working on the first call but not in subsequent calls as the array was shifted in callCodeRef during the first call
	* Sub-classing method poll_readwait() was incorrectly triggering error mode action twice on non-blocking read error
	* Net::Telnet always appends a null character to carriage returns which are not followed by a line feed, which becomes
	  a problem (inability to login) when the output_record_separator is set to just carriage return, as required by certain
	  devices. Control::CLI is now enhanced with logic to prevent Net::Telnet from behaving in that manner. The new logic
	  consists of resetting Net::Telnet's telnetmode to 0 for the duration of any transmits over the Telnet connection.
	  This new logic only applies to Telnet use and only when output_record_separator() has been set to just carriage return
	* Added terminal_type() and window_size() methods to negotiate terminal parameters for both SSH and Telnet connections
	* Added ssh_authentication() method to indicate the ssh authentication used: publickey, password or keyboard-interactive

2.03	2016-04-20
	* Methods input_log(), output_log() and dump_log(), when called with no argument were not returning the open filehandle
	  but an undefined or empty value; this problem was happening only for Telnet connections
	* Added callback argument to connect() which can be used to verify the SSH host key against a list of known host keys
	* Added errmsg_format() method and argument to errmsg(); it is now possible to specify the format of error messages
	* Added host() method to retrieve hostname or IP address which was supplied to connect()

2.04	2017-06-14
	* Added functionality to detect Query Device Status escape sequence within the received data stream and automatically
	  send back Report Device OK escape sequence; this can be activated via new report_query_status() method
	* Added close_logs argument to disconnect() and close() methods to allow all logging filehandles to be closed on
	* On a serial port connection the class destructor could result in error:
	  uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /lib/Win32API/ line 247
	* Returned error messages, in any errmsg_format, now always start with upper case
	* Debug level bit-2 now produces a lot more debug for issues relating to Device::SerialPort & Win32::SerialPort 
	* Module now correctly detects underlying failures from Win32::SerialPort & Device::SerialPort to set the desired
	  baudrate, handshake, parity, databits and stopbits and will now perform the configured error mode action
	* Added ForceBaud argument to connect() and change_baudrate() methods as a workaround for Win32::SerialPort module
	  bug which would otherwise result in this module not being able
	  to set the desired baudrate on some USB Serial ports
	* Non-blocking read method was no longer working correctly with newest versions of Net::SSH2 (0.63) and libssh2
	  (1.7.0) due to some backwards incompatible changes made in Net::SSH2; the fix now works with both new and old
	  versions of Net::SSH2
	* Net::SSH2 version 0.58 error method suffers from a memory leak; this is fixed with latest Net::SSH2 version 0.63
	  and libssh2 version 1.7.0. The eof method from this class, which relies on the Net::SSH2 error method, has been
	  changed to reduce in half the number of calls made to the Net::SSH2 error method (in case an older version of
	  Net::SSH2 is being used)

2.05	2017-06-16
	* Same as version 2.04; bumped up the version to fix a problem with the bundled control-cli.t test script

2.06	2017-12-09
	* Method poll() did not scale well with many SSH connections due to the partially blocking nature of SSH
	  authentication which could cumlatively make all objects timeout; algorithm is now optimized to re-credit a
	  cycle time duration to the underlying object timeouts so as to compensate and allow the deisred scaling.
	  The changes also improve the frequency of calling the poll_code, which can now be called in between objects
	  when these take longer than the poll_timer to complete a poll, instead of only at the end of a full cycle
	* New "atomic_connect" argument for the connect() method for use in non-blocking mode, with SSH, when many
	  class objects are polled via Control::CLI poll() method, it allows the connect() method to treat socket
	  setup + SSH authentication as one single poll action to prevent the far end from timing out the connection
	  if a delay is seen between socket setup and SSH authentication

2.07	2018-09-02
	* Method login() now will accept an empty password, for devices where no password is set but still prompt for
	  a password on connection
	* Modified poll_return() method to properly handle 'output_result' in the form of a hash reference. Now polled
	  methods can return a hash reference (previously only scalar, array and array reference were possible).
	* Changed default username_prompt to: '(?i:user ?name|login)[: ]*$'

2.08	2020-02-26
	* Changed username prompt to '(?i:user(?: ?name)?|login)[: ]+$' regex so as to also work with a "User:" prompt
	* Method login() now will accept an empty password, for devices where no password is set but still prompt for
	  a password on connection
	* Optimized stripLastLine() to use correct and more efficient regex \z assertion
	* SSH errors originating from known_hosts verification were not not prepended with the Control::CLI method

2.09	2020-04-25
	* The report_query_status functionality was caching partial escape sequences even if they did not exactly
	  match a Query Device Status escape sequence, and this could result in some escape sequences being withheld
	  from read() attepts if they appeared at the end of host output. Now the caching is only performed if an
	  escape sequence is found to be an exact partial match of the Query Device Status escape sequence (\e[5n)