# PODNAME: Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch
# ABSTRACT:  Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch

=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch - Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch


Configuration classes used by L<Config::Model>

=head1 Elements

=head2 msg

Warning message to show user. "$_" contains the bad value. Example "value $_ is bad". Leave blank or undef to use generated message. I< Optional. Type string.  > 

=head2 fix

Perl instructions to fix the value. These instructions may be triggered by user. $_ contains the value to fix.  $_ is stored as the new value once the instructions are done. C<$self> contains the value object. Use with care. I< Optional. Type string.  > 

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