Revision history for Perl extension ClearCase::Wrapper.

0.01  Tue Mar 28 10:59:30 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20
	- This is a replacement for ClearCase::Ct and picks up
	  where version 1.20 of that leaves off.

0.10 Thu Apr  6 03:32:02 EDT 2000
	- First version in production use. Has not brought all
	  the esoteric, underused functionality of ClearCase::Ct
	  along but all the core stuff seems to work just fine.

0.14 Fri May 12 12:13:11 EDT 2000
	- FCS (first CPAN shipment). Some extensions tested on NT, not

0.15 Wed May 31 17:10:08 EDT 2000
	- Added 'lock -{allow,deny} flags.
	- Fixed spurious warnings going into interactive mode.
	- Added default for 'ct ci'.

0.17 Tue Jul  4 22:52:08 EDT 2000
	- Reworked setview/workon implementation.

0.18 Sat Jul 15 08:56:38 EDT 2000
	- Improvements to winkout.
	- Various bugfixes in sample enhancements.
	- Added -M flag.
	- Only expand symlinks for ci/co cmds.
	- New $CLEARCASE_WRAPPER_NATIVE EV to suppress all extensions.
	- New mount extension for Windows.

0.20 Wed Aug  9 13:52:56 EDT 2000
	- Added mkelem -do flag.
	- The usual round of bugfixes to sample enhancements.

0.21 Fri Sep 22 10:02:24 EDT 2000
	- Added 'diffcs' command.

0.22 Wed Nov  1 20:58:08 EST 2000
	- Some work on mkelem to allow aggregation to work
	  in snapshot views (untested).
	- Added a dependency on File::Spec 0.82, just because it's
	  goodness and makes coding of ClearCase::Wrapper easier.
	- Added support for a file containing site-specific
	  work. This is a significant improvement, as without
	  it's hard to modify and/or add new features to
	  the module and also accept new versions from CPAN.

0.23 Mon May 14 11:11:16 EDT 2001
	- Reworked mkview code to depend on CC storage locations.
	  Note: this mkview code now requires CC 4.1 or above.

0.24 Fri May 18 11:52:43 EDT 2001
	- Added checkout -dir/-rec. It was in an old rev and I was
	  asked to put it back.
	- Added mkelem -ok

0.25 Thu Sep 20 15:42:01 EDT 2001
	- Various minor tweaks.
	- Added CLEARCASE_WRAPPER_PAGER to go with -M.
	- Added recheckout ('ct reco') feature.

0.26 Mon Dec 17 13:11:52 EST 2001
	- Optimizations in 'ct lsp -dir|-rec' using -invob
	- Improve -ok prompting so it works better in a GUI environment.
	  This adds ClearCase::ClearPrompt to the set of required modules.
	- Add -ok functionality to unco.
	- Fix bug(s) in "ct co -dir/-rec".
	- Allow "ct mkelem -dir/-rec" to be run in a view-private dir.
	  It will traverse 'up' towards the vob root looking for a
	  versioned dir to work from.
	- Added -P (pause) flag (see README.GUI for why).

1.01 Fri Jan 25 09:35:11 EST 2002
	  With this release the infrastructure is largely rewritten
	  to make customizations/extensions easier to write and
	  maintain. The old hack is gone. In its place
	  are "overlay modules". See the README and the POD in for details, but basically this makes it much
	  easier to write (and potentially contribute) new features.

	  *NOTE* If upgrading from a version <1.00, you should manually
	  uninstall the old version.  See README.upgrade for details.
	  The Makefile.PL has some code to try to warn you about this

1.02 Sun Jan 27 13:54:17 EST 2002
	- Added README.upgrade and some upgrade help in
	- Add some protection from mis-installed

1.03 Thu Jan 31 11:18:49 EST 2002
	- Added Assert() function to aid extension writers.

1.04 Fri Feb  1 23:25:34 EST 2002
	- NOW REQUIRES Perl 5.6.0 (new features turn out to require new ops).
	- Fixed mkelem -dir bug when run in a view-private dir
	  within a dynamic view.
	- Added 'ct extensions' cmd to list defined extensions
	  and what package they come from.

1.05 Fri Mar  1 10:28:25 EST 2002
	- Moved help code into ClearCase::Wrapper module from
	  cleartool.plx. Simpler, cleaner, and now 'ct help'
	  shows extensions.

1.06 Fri Mar  1 11:05:58 EST 2002
	- Fixed a couple of minor bugs with 'ct help' code
	  introduced in 1.05.

1.07 Tue May  7 12:22:52 EDT 2002
	- Formatting/doc improvements.
	- Added 'lsprivate -eclipsed' flag.

1.08 Wed Feb  5 08:44:22 EST 2003
	- Infrastructure: extended Assert() to take optional messages.

1.09 Tue Jul 22 10:41:32 EDT 2003
	- Fixed contact data.

1.10 Sat Mar 13 17:44:34 EST 2004
	- Add warning when checking in files open in vim.

1.11 Mon Mar 14 00:00:51 EST 2005
	- Cleanups occasioned by port to new environment.
	  Worked around an apparent bug in 5.6.1: the statement
	  "local $0 = ..." causes the user's PATH to be trashed such
	  that $ENV{PATH} looks ok but "system qw(printenv PATH)"
	  doesn't. It's hard to see how that could be my bug but
	  in any case it's not a problem in more modern Perls so
	  I just worked around it for 5.6.
	- The "ct ci" feature now considers only files checked out
	  by the current user in the current view and dir.
	- Port to NCA environments (see 'ncatool').

1.12 Tue May  2 14:29:17 EDT 2006
	- Flush the view cache after creating dirs. This is helpful
	  when the cwd has been mkelem-ed (though you still need to
	  "cd $PWD" after mkelem-ing the cwd).

1.13 Tue May 16 11:56:18 EDT 2006
	- New feature: "ct diffcr -data". Remove pseudo-differences
	  in diffcr output, those caused by files with differing
	  versions but identical contents.
	- Removed the feature of "ct ci" which automatically added
	  "-nc" to checkins of directories. It seemed overly
	  intrusive for a standard wrapper.

1.14 Fri Aug  3 12:26:29 EDT 2007
	- Fixed bug #28648 "ct man query_language"
	  does not work.

1.15 Sun Dec 14 18:01:56 GMTST 2008
	- Under CYGWIN as well, default to ipc mode.

1.16 Fri May 14 07:40:25 EDT 2010
        - Burrow function moved here from and exported.
	- Loop reading std input when no args, including support for -status.
	- Fixed man success return code.
	- POD work.
	- Added -mkhlink option to -revert option in checkin
	- Assert can now be called from a subfunction
	- Tweaked indenting in show usage function
	- Thanks to Marc Girod and Stephen Rauch for these changes

1.17 Sun Aug 12 10:14:43 EDT 2012
        - help for new commands: skip the cleartool error text.
	- wrapdebug: an alternative driver, preloading modules for ease of debugging.
	  Instructions of use in README.
	- unmasked warnings (except redefine) and reported errors while requiring
	  packages, under the full @INC (to allow them to use modules).
	- fixed the test of existence of the autosplit.ix file.
	- fixed the filter for package symbols after require
	Thanks to Marc Girod for these changes.
	Several enhancements contributed by Stephen Rauch, together with the
	original impulse to better support strict/warnings and debugging.
	Thanks as well to Ben Morrow for assistance.

1.18 Sat Mar  9 16:31:16 CET 2013
        - cleartool.plx and wrapdebug: autoflush STDOUT for background use.
	- renamed wrapdebug to cleartool.dbg, so that it can be used as ipc process
	  in ClearCase::Argv
	Thanks to Marc Girod for these changes.

1.19 Fri Aug  9 15:52:08 EDT 2013
	- Fixed a typo and some warnings, also a quoting bug.
	- This also includes a whitespace cleanup, so the diff is large but
	  the diff -w is small.
	Thanks to Anders Petersen Girod for these changes.