#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use File::Basename;
use POSIX qw(strftime);
use Getopt::Long;
use ClearCase::Argv;
use vars qw($help $vob @lbtype $user);
use constant EQHL => 'EqInc';
use constant PRHL => 'PrevInc';

my $ct = ClearCase::Argv->new({autochomp=>1});
my $prog = basename $0;
my @mon = qw(Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec);

sub usage {
  my $err = shift;
  print STDERR "$err\n\n" if $err;
  print STDERR <<"  EOT";
Usage: $prog [ --vob <vob> --lbtype <lbtypes> --user <account> | --help ]

  This script must be run as vob owner
  Unlock the floating label type, as well as its equivalent fixed type
  Update the equivalent incremental type hyperlink
  Create a new previous incremental type hyperlink
  Re-lock the previous incremental type, retaining the timestamp and owner

  --lbtype: floating, and (new) equivalent fixed, label types
  --vob:    vob common to the two types
  --user:   account creating the previous incremental type hyperlink

  exit 1;
my $res = GetOptions("help" => \$help, "vob=s" => \$vob,
		     "user=s" => \$user, "lbtype=s" => \@lbtype);
usage if $help or !($res and $vob and $user and @lbtype);
@lbtype = split(/,/, join(',', @lbtype));
usage('2 types expected: ' . join(', ', @lbtype)) unless @lbtype == 2;
usage("Not a vob: $vob") unless $ct->argv(qw(des -s), "vob:$vob")->qx eq $vob;
usage("Unknown account: $user") unless getpwnam($user);
my $vbown = $ct->argv(qw(des -fmt), '%[owner]p', "vob:$vob")->qx;
$vbown =~ s%^.*/(.*)%$1%;
my $account = (getpwuid($<))[0];
usage("Not vob owner ($vbown): $account") unless $account eq $vbown;
map { $_ = "lbtype:$_\@$vob" } @lbtype;
usage if $ct->argv(qw(des -s), @lbtype)->stdout(0)->system;
my ($pair) = grep s/^\s*(.*) -> (lbtype:.*)$/$1,$2/,
  $ct->argv(qw(des -l -ahl), EQHL, $lbtype[0])->stderr(0)->qx;
my ($hlk, $prev) = split(/,/, $pair) if $pair;
$ct->argv('unlock', $lbtype[0])->stderr(0)->system; #Ignore failure: not locked
$ct->argv('mkhlink', EQHL, @lbtype)->system and die;
if ($prev) {
  no warnings 'qw';
  my $now = strftime '%d-%b-%Y.%H:%M:%S', localtime;
  my ($ts, $lu) = split(/,/,
    $ct->argv(qw(lslock -fmt %Nd,%u), $prev)->stderr(0)->qx);
  my @dt = $ts =~ /^(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})\.(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})$/;
  $ts = join('-', $dt[2], $mon[$dt[1] - 1], $dt[0]) . '.' .
    join(':', @dt[3..5]);
  $ct->argv('unlock', $prev)->system;
  $ct->argv('rmhlink', $hlk)->system;
  $ct->argv(qw(setevent -time), $now, '-user', $user)->system;
  $ct->argv('mkhlink', PRHL, $lbtype[1], $prev)->system;
  $ct->argv(qw(setevent -time), $ts, '-user', $lu)->system;
  $ct->argv('lock', $prev)->system;
  $ct->argv(qw(setevent -unset))->system;
exit $?;