Revision history for Class-Sniff

0.10 2014-06-07
    - Tidied up the documentation: formatting tweaks, typos, etc.
    - Fixed RT#72158 (see 0.09_01 below)
    - Fixed RT#53423 (see 0.09_01 below)
    - Min perl version set to 5.006

0.09_01 2014-06-04
    - Applied patch from Father C, which related to a change in 5.16+
      to do with *{$undef}. RT#72158.
    - The duplicate methods test in t/code_smells.t was failing due to
      the hash randomization change in Perl 5.18. The duplicate methods
      table is now always sorted, to make the output deterministic.
    - Enforce case-sensitivity with command-line options, so --ignore
      and -I don't clash if you shorten --ignore to -i. RT#53423

0.09 2011-09-11
    - Allow multiple paths to @INC (Bruno Vecchi)
    - Searching for classes in more than one directory (Bruno Vecchi)
    - Provide --output argument for csniff utility (Bruno Vecchi)

0.08_05 2009-05-23
    - Perl 5.010000 and greater now make circular inheritance fatal at
      compile time, so let's skip that check for these Perls.

0.08_04 2009-05-21
    - Remove test dependency on Sub::Information.  Oops :)

0.08_03 2009-05-20
    - Add -I switch for csniff utility.
    - Removed dependency on Sub::Information.  That has a dependency on
      Data::Dump::Streamer and that module fails its tests for non-US

0.08_02 2009-03-19
    - Add C<csniff> command-line utility.
    - Add 'clean' option to constructor to avoid tracking pseudo-packages.
    - Added C<graph_from_namespace> as everyone seems to want this.

0.08_01 unreleased
    - Added experimental code to detect "fake" packages.  Ideas offered by
      Graham Barr, but abused by me.  They're not his fault!
    - OUCH!  Added the code smell and regression tests to the MANIFEST.
      Would no wonder all tests are passing on the CPAN :)
    - Clarified that "long methods" may not really be a code smell at all.
      Doc changes don't really need to be here, but this is important
      enough to mention it.
    - new_from_namespace now can accept a regex, too.

0.08 2009-02-15
    - Added 'new_from_namespace' method.

0.07 2009-02-15
    - combine_graphs method added.  Now it's trivial to see inheritance
    - Allow an instance of an object to be passed to the constructor, not
      just a class name.
    - Removed the 'tree' representation. Code is much easier to read as a

0.06 2009-02-03
    - Experimental 'method length' support.
    - Circular paths are now a fatal error.

0.05 2009-02-02
    - Added experimental support for tracking duplicate methods.
    - Started documentation reorganization.

0.04 2009-02-02
    - Added 'exported' to detect exported 'methods'.
    - Added "report" method to create a simple, human-readable report.
    - Added "build_path" fix from Aristotle.

0.03 2009-02-02
    - Added 'multiple_inheritance' method.
    - Added support for including the "UNIVERSAL" class.

0.02 2009-02-01
    - Added documentation.
    - Made the 'unreachable' return more sane.

0.01 2009-02-01
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.