=head1 NAME

emerge-later - Intelligent scheduling for Gentoo's emerge.


B<emerge-later> is a tool that allows you to emerge a package
when system is inactive, eg. when you are away from the machine.
B<emerge-later> registeres scheduling requests with B<chronicd>,
an intelligent scheduling daemon that measures system activity,
among other things.

If chronicd isn't running, emerge-later will print a warning.
Just start chronicd, and the task will be picked up correctly.

=head1 OPTIONS

B<emerge-later> accepts the following command line options: 

=over 4

=item B<email>

B<email> specifies an email address of the person who should be
notified when the emerge is completed. eg.

=item B<constraint>

By default, set to B<Inactivity, 1200>, which implies the task
should be scheduled after 20 minutes (1200 seconds) of
Inactivity. To learn more about Chronic constraints, please see



    emerge-later sys-devel/binutils
    emerge-later -email=mail@vipul.net sys-devel/binutils


As an example, B<emerge-later sys-devel/binutils> will add the
line B<constraint = Inactivity, 1200; only_once = 1; command =
emerge sys-devel/binutils> to B</etc/chrontab> and send a SIGHUP
to chronicd(1) to force reload of B</etc/chrontab>. B<emerge>
will be run when the system has been idle for more than 20
minutes (1200 seconds). 

=head1 AUTHOR

Vipul Ved Prakash, E<lt>mail@vipul.netE<gt>