Revision history for Catalyst::View::Download

0.09    June 13, 2013
        * Cleaned / Updated pod.
        * Everything, except helper, now using Moose...

0.08    June 11, 2013
        * Finally added a Helper, yay! 
        * Cleaned / Updated pod.
        * Added support for App based modules. e.g MyApp::View::Download::PDF
        * Changed outfile to be outfile_ext in config. outfile_name is available to set in stash or uses current action, stringified, as name.

0.07    November 2, 2011
        * Now using Moose...

0.06    September 5, 2009
        * Encorporated a fix to Catalyst::View::Download which was missing support for the new module Catalyst::View::Download::XML

0.05    September 5, 2009
        * Encorporated a fix to Catalyst::View::Download::CSV submitted by Kevin Frost which prevents a warning in process().
        * Encorporated a change to Catalyst::View::Download::CSV submitted by Michele Beltrame such that it will always quote each field in the document.
        * Cleaned up POD code snippets and used perltidy on everything. Thanks for the tips Kevin!
        * Added another supported format, xml. Which will either support content as a string or convert a hashref into an xml document using XML::Simple.

0.04    March 14, 2008
        * Added Catalyst::Download::HTML. Fixed some typos in the POD documentation.

0.03    March 8, 2008
        * Modified the way each format Class worked so that each accepted a hash ref where data could then be stored in a 'data' key.

0.02    March 5, 2008
        * Fixed some problems with the test scripts.

0.01    March 4, 2008
        * First version.