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# This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-ContentNegotiationHelpers.

0.006 - 2015-11-30
  - New ActionRole to delegate media type negotiation across actions

0.005 - 2015-11-12
  - 'no_match' callbacks now get a hash of the other possible callbacks
     to make it easier to set a default or to inspect.

0.004 - 2015-09-24
  - Fixed missing $VERSION information

0.003 - 2015-08-24
  - all 'accepts_*' methods now accept a list and return allowed content types
    not just true / false.  This should not break any existing use but be aware
    that the return value for true is no longer just '1'.  Return value for 
    'nothing acceptable' is now undef.

0.002 - 2015-08-17
  - added helper methods: accepts_charset, accepts_language, accepts_encoding,
    accepts_media_type, on_best_encoding, on_best_charset, on_best_language,

0.001 - 2015-04-29
  - First Release