Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Session

0.43 - 2022-06-03
      - fix tests when Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication is unavailable

0.42 - 2022-05-31
      - revised packaging
      - correctly specify test prerequisites as test prerequisites
      - drop unused Test::Exception prereq
      - drop Tie::RefHash prereq that was not used directly
      - only run pod tests for authors
      - ensure all optional tests are run by authors
      - drop use of Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI and Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst
        in favor of a simpler user agent

0.41 2018-12-05
      - Don't let an evil session ID supplier have an easy XSS vector (Michael McClimon++)

0.40 2015-01-26
      - Add a flag so that a storage can finalize during finalize_header rather
      than finalize_body.  This is to enable storages that need to write to the
      HTTP header (such as the cookie based store).

0.39 2013-10-16
      - Fixed a bug when "expiry_threshold" is non-zero, where changes to the
      session were not saved.

0.38 2013-09-18
      - New feature: "expiry_threshold" which allows you more control over when
      this plugin checks and updates the expiration date for the session.
      This is useful when you have high traffic and need to reduce the number
      of session expiration hits (like if you are using a database for sessions
      and your db is getting pounded).

0.37 2013-02-25
      - Fix t/live_verify_address.t to skip if Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication
        is not installed, fixing RT#81506.

0.36 2012-10-19
       - Re-pack with new Module::Install which doesn't get
         MYMETA.yaml wrong.
       - Remove use of Plack::Middleware::ForceEnv from the tests
          as it was not used / needed

0.35 2012-04-24
        - Implement a 'change_session_expires' method (gshank)

        - Fixed bug from last version where session does not persist
          across a redirect

0.34 2012-03-30
        - Fixed up t/live_verify_address.t per
        - Merged in dpetrov's 0.32 changes (extend_session_expire)

0.33 2012-03-08
        - Note that flash is deprecated / not recommended due to it's
          inherent races. Point out Catalyst::Plugin::StatusMessage instead

0.32 2011-06-08
        - Fix handling with enables verify_address and add related test

0.31 2010-10-08
        - Fix session being loaded by call to dump_these in debug mode

0.30 2010-06-24
        - Fix Makefile.PL's is_upgrading_needed() routine (RT #58771)

0.29 2009-11-04
        - Fix session being deleted when you have a new session after session
          expiry when calling session_is_valid method. Tests for this.
        - Allow ->session to be used as a setter method so that you can say
          ->session( key => $value );

0.28 2009-10-29
        - Fix session fixation test with LWP 5.833 by calling $cookie_jar->set_cookie
          rather than manually stuffing the cookie in the request.

0.27 2009-10-08
        - Release 0.26_01 as stable without further changes.

0.26_01 2009-10-06
        - Move actions out of the root application class in tests as this
          is deprecated.
        - Change configuration key to 'Plugin::Session' by default. The
          old 'session' key is still supported, but will issue a warning
          in a future release.

0.26 2009-08-19
        - Remove Test::MockObject from the test suite as prone to failing on
          some platforms and perl versions due to it's UNIVERSAL:: package

0.25 2009-07-08
        - Add the a change_session_id method which can be called after
          authentication to change the user's session cookie whilst preserving
          their session data. This can be used to provide protection from
          Session Fixation attacks. (kmx)

0.24 2009-06-23
        - Be more paranoid about getting values of $c->req to avoid issues
          with old Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst.
        - Check we have a modern version of TWMC before doing the tests which
          need it.

0.23 2009-06-16
        - Add the verify_user_agent config parameter (kmx)
        - Add a test case to prove that logging in with a session cookie still
          causes a new cookie to be issued for you, proving that the code is
          not vulnerable to a session fixation attack. (t0m)

0.22 2009-05-13
        - INSANE HACK to ensure B::Hooks::EndOfScope inlines us a new method right now
          in Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store for Catalyst 5.80004 compatibility.

          This change does not in any way affect normal users - it is just due to the
          fairly crazy way that Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store works, and that
          module is _only_ used for unit testing session store plugins pre-installation.

          Session::Test::Store should be replaced with a more sane solution, and other
          CPAN modules using it moved away from using it, but this change keeps stops
          new Catalyst breaking other distributions right now.

0.21 2009-04-30
        - Hide the internal packages in Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store from PAUSE.
        - Convert from CAF to Moose with Moosex::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast

0.20 2009-02-05
        - No code changes since 0.19_01 dev release.
        - Add IDEAS.txt which is an irc log of discussion about the next-generation
          session plugin from discussion on #catalyst-dev
        - Remove TODO file, which is no longer relevant.

0.19_01 2009-01-09
        - Switch from using NEXT to Class::C3 for method re-dispatch.
        - Use shipit to package the dist.
        - Switch to Module::install.
        - Flash data is now stored inside the session (key "__flash") to avoid
          duplicate entry errors caused by simultaneous select/insert/delete of
          flash rows when using DBI as a Store. (Sergio Salvi)
        - Fix session finalization order that caused HTTP responses to be sent
          before the session is actually finalized and stored in its Store.
          (Sergio Salvi)

0.19    2007-10-08

0.18    2007-08-15
        - Fix Apache engine issue (RT #28845)

0.17    2007-07-16
        - Skip a test if Cookie is not installed (RT #28137)

0.16    2007-07-03
        - Stupid makefile

0.15    2007-06-24
        - Fix the bug that caused sessions to expire immediately when another
          session was deleted previously in the same request cycle
        - Changed finalize() to redispatch before saving session
          so other finalize methods still have access to it.

0.14    2007-01-31
        - Disable verify_address.
        - update flash to work like session

0.13    2006-10-12
        - Rerelease with slightly changed test due to a behavior change in
        - add `clear_flash`
        - improve debug logging

0.12    2006-08-26
        - refactor out a hookable finalize_session method, for plugins
        - make _clear_session_instance_data call NEXT::, so that plugins can
          hook on to that too

0.11    2006-08-10
        - Lazify expiry calculation and store it in a different instance data
          slot. This provides greater flexibility for implementing hooks like
          DynamicExpiry the "right" way.

0.10    2006-08-01
        - Implement a more well defined finalization order for Session stuff.
          This solves a problem that was introduced by some value cleanups in
          the 0.06 release.

0.09    2006-07-31
        - Fix Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store

0.08    2006-07-31
        - rerelease because Module::Bane broke the META.yml. HURAAH

0.07    2006-07-30
        - Make build tool complain loudly on incompatible versions of state

0.06    2006-07-29
        - Change State plugin API to be pull oriented
        - Lazify more correctly (mostly performance improvements)
        - Don't try to compute digest of hash when there is no hash

0.05    2006-01-01
        - Un-workaround the Cache::FastMmap (actually Storable) limitation -
          it's not C::P::Session's business.
        - add $c->session_expires
        - refactor guts
        - improve semantics of session deletion (now deletes flash data too)
        - improve lazy-load-ness of session data in the light of expiration

0.04    2005-12-28 09:42:00
        - Work around a limitation in Cache::FastMmap - must store only
          references, while expiration was an NV.

0.03    2005-12-26 10:22:00
        - Lazify loading of session data for better performance and less chance
          of race conditions
        - support for $c->flash a la Ruby on Rails
        - Fixed bug in sessionid algorithm detection.
        - Separate __expires from the session data - we write it every time
        - Lazify saving of session data for better performance and less chance
          of race conditions

0.02    2005-11-23 09:40:00
        - Doc fixes
        - No more -Engine=Test

0.01    2005-11-14 12:41:00
        - Initial release.