Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication

0.10023 11 Jan 2013
   - Add Howto on using the auth from the proxy server with
     ::Credential::Remote (Robert Rothenberg)

0.10022 08 Jan 2013
    - Fix NoPasswd store (skaufman)

0.10021 30 June 2012
    - Change all classes to Moose and MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast,
      fixing undeclared dependency on Class::Accessor::Fast.
    - Change Catalyst::Authentication::Realm to use String::RewritePrefix
      rather than doing namespace mangling manually.
    - Fix whitespace and tabs, add Test::EOL and Test::NoTabs
    - Document optional methods in stores needed for auto_create_user
      and auto_update_user in realms.
    - Clarify support channels
    - Note primary maintainer in docs.
    - Add x_authority metadata.
    - Get the NAME right by making it 1 line, due to crappy parsing
      in EU::MM (RT#77028)

0.10020 05 May 2012
     - Allow user_class to be configured for Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Minimal
       (Jochen Lutz <>)

0.10019 14 April 2012
     - Upgrade code to use Moose compatibility layer (jnap)
     - Added some rules to .gitignore for people using macs (jnap)
     - Updated copyright info
     - Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::NoPassword added
     - Convert repository to git (fREW Schmidt)

0.10018 29 Jul 2011
     - Fix failing tests with the new PSGI Catalyst dev release

0.10017 24 Jan 2010
     - Fix failing tests with the new PSGI Catalyst dev release

0.10016 22 Jan 2010
     - Move root actions out of applcation class in tests to remove
       warnings in the latest Catalyst.
     - Add AUTOLOAD method to the default user class so that methods are
       delegated down onto the underlieing user object retrieved from
       the store (if present)
     - Fix typos in documentation (RT#49476)
     - Fix compatibilty with Catalyst 5.70 (RT#50466)
     - Various documentation improvements
     - Fix Realm::Processive's authinfo_munge option (RT#47106)

0.10015 Tue Sep 1 01:40:36 BST 2009

     - Remove (undeclared) dependency on Class::Data::Inhertiable (RT#49086)
     - Remove dependency on Test::MockObject
     - Fix repository metadata in META.yml / Makefile.PL
     - Make POD tests author side only.

0.10014 Tue Aug 25 15:42:57 BST 2009

      - Don't always supply an "id" column in the authinfo passed to the store
        class in ::Credential::Remote. This means that it works better with
        the DBIC store. (t0m)

      - Make auth_realms method ensure authentication is initialized
        before calling methods which get created during auth initialization.
        Fixes back compat cases where auth store is in the plugin list
        before the authentication plugin. (t0m)

0.10013 Fri Jun 19 16:08:00 BST 2009
      - Add a username_field config item to ::Credential::Remote
        (Nigel Metheringham)
      - Die with a useful error message if we are about to try to restore
        a user from a realm which does not exist. (t0m)

0.10012 Sat Jun  6 10:58:43 BST 2009
      - Add Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Remote which authenticates you
        directly from environment variables passed by your web server. This
        allows the use of SSL client certificates, NTLM, or just basic/digest
        auth done at the web server level to be used to authenticate users
        to your Catalyst application (kmx)
        - Tests for this
      - Change ->config invocations to be best practices (t0m)
      - Note about session auto-vification even when use_session is set
        to false (robert).
      - Note about how a realms key used to be needed to unconfuse people
        running an old version, but browsing the docs on search.cpan (ruoso)

0.10011 Sun Mar  8 23:32:12 GMT 2009
      - Update t/live_app_session.t to skip unless you have a newer, more
        reliable version of TWMC (RT#43817)
      - Change check for isa Catalyst::Plugin::Session to just check the
        existance of a session method. (Edmund von der Burg)

      - Change from NEXT to MRO::Compat
      - Chop a number off the versions to get back to the correct 0.10000
        version scheme.

      - Add hook for failing user restore.
        - Add test for this.
      - Fix bug in Credential::Password with password_type: clear.
        - Add test for this.
      - Add mock object tests for Credential::Password with password_type:

      - Release new version, no changes since dev release.

      - Fix POD escaping, from RT#38694 (Luke Ross)
      - Change authentication backwards compatibility handling to not rely on
        Class::Data::Inheritable side effects, and so be Catalyst 5.80 safe

0.10009 2008-11-27
        - Including progressive realm for multiple authentication attempts
          in a single request.

0.10008 2008-10-23
      - Updating config to allow for inclusion of realm ref's in the main
        config hash rather than in a subref called 'realms'

0.10007 2008-08-17
   - Update tests prereqs to include Test::Exception (RT #36339)
        - Some documentation fixes (including RT #36062)
        - Compatibility fix where the use of new style config and old
          style Authentication::Store::Minimal would cause a crash
          (Reported & fixed by Jos Boumans C<>)
        - Documentation update on Password - to indicate proper field naming
        - Decouple Authentication system from session.  The realm class
          now allows complete control over how a user is persisted across
        - pod fixes (RT #36062, RT #36063)

0.10006 2008-02-15
        - Additional documentation for Realms
        - Added update_user_in_session routine to allow re-saving of user data
          into the session.

0.10005 2008-01-24
        - Bugfix release - correcting 'Plugin::Authentication' configuration

0.10004 2007-12-04
        - Added some code for back-compatibility

0.10003 2007-12-02
        - Added a "Null" store for credentials that don't require real stores.
        - Make realms bonafide objects
        - Added auto_update_user and auto_create_user options to the Realm object
        - Doc updates

        - authenticate() in credentials are now passed a realm object instead of
          a store object. A realm object still implements find_user() so unless
          you're doing something special you won't notice the difference.

0.10002 2007-07-22
        - $user->store() should NOT be set by C::P::Auth - if it's needed - it
          should be set by whatever module creates the user. We use realm for
          saving into the session.

0.10001 2007-07-17
        - updated tests

0.10000 2007-07-11
        - Minor updates to work better with compatibility mode
        - Producion release
        - switch to Module::Install

0.09999_01 2007-02-21
        - major changes to the internals of the plugin, to better encapsulate
          credentials and stores.
        - introduction of 'realms' concept, allowing multiple different
          pairs of credential and store in a single application.

0.09    2006-08-01
        - be a bit more pedantic about checking values for definedness before
          invoking methods on them

0.08    2006-07-29
        - factor test applications out to files due to changes in Catalyst::Test
        - don't load session at prepare time unless necessary

0.07    2006-03-17 17:33:12
        - allow base64 hashed passwords

0.06    2006-03-14 19:23:50
        - pass extra get_user args to store so they can be made use of

0.05    2006-01-01 13:58:00
        - Add debugging to Credential::Password
        - Important doc fixes

        - With User::Hash and Store::Minimal together session will store
          userid, not actual user object

0.03    2005-12-03 18:00:00
        - Added user_exists method.

0.02    2005-11-29 11:39:00
      - Fixed a typo (PLugin instead of Plugin) that caused user objects
        to not be restored from the session properly. Modified test suite
        to actually test for this case.

0.01    2005-11-27 02:30:00
        - Initial release.