0.06   26-01-11 10:38:00
    Remove last reference to NEXT:: (caelum/agladish)

0.05   08-05-09 15:12:26
    Change from NEXT to MRO::Compat. Remove unneeded Class::Accessor::Fast
    base classes (Chisel Wright)

    Memory Leak Fix - Matt S Trout

    Documentation: TT example used field.tag instead of field.field.
    Documentation: clarify config should be in Controller not Application.
    Documentation: modifying $form->field must happen before $form->validate.
    Added source_type config option to define alternative source adapter class.
    Instantiate CGI::FormBuilder::Source::File and call parse method directly.
    Reset CGI::FormBuilder object after ACTION in case of $c->forward overwrites it.

0.02   17-12-06 14:24:30
    First working version
    Add HTML::Template and Mason support
    Rewrote Plugin::FormBuilder as Controller::FormBuilder base class