Revision history for Catalyst-Controller-ActionRole

0.17      2015-02-02 03:14:19Z
  - mark module as deprecated in metadata

0.16      2014-05-09 00:40:08Z
  - remove use of deprecated Class::MOP functions
  - added deprecation notice to documentation -- this module only remains for
    legacy use

0.15   2010-08-25 22:22:42Z
  - Improvements to documentation (William King, Tomas Doran)
  - Don't apply roles to special internal catalyst actions
    (Alex J. G. BurzyƄski)
  - Honour action_args configuration to allow setting role attributes
    (John Napiorkowski)

0.14   2010-05-01 22:58:39Z
  - Add repository metadata (Tomas Doran).

0.13   2010-03-20 11:23:14Z
  - Make the reader methods for _action_roles and _action_role_args not be
    context-sensitive and always return a plain list.

0.12   2009-07-17 23:41:15Z
  - More correct method for getting the app class. Can't test this yet,
    as the canonical example ($self being an anon class) doesn't work in
    core Catalyst yet :(
  - Do not need an _action_role_prefix method, so that in future it is easier to
    pull the code out into a role.
  - Add tests for compatibility when used with Action::REST

0.11   2009-05-24 15:57:15Z
  - Retain compatibility with latest Catalyst-Runtime (NAKAGAWA Masaki).

0.10   2009-04-09 23:46:36Z
  - No changes since 0.09, except for actually including the changelog entries.

0.09   2009-04-09 23:45:48Z
  - Change the default role search path from ::Action::Role:: to

0.08   2009-04-02 19:00:59Z
  - Minor POD tweaks (hdp)

0.07   2009-04-01 19:18:43Z
  - Make empty prefix ('Foo') search MyApp::Action::Role before falling back to
    Catalyst::Action::Role (hdp)

0.06   2009-04-01 14:29:37Z
  - Don't depend on for the tests.

0.05   2009-03-30 22:27:54Z
  - Replace BUILDARGS hack that also doesn't work with
    Catalyst-Runtime 5.71001 (hdp)

0.04_01   2009-03-29 11:28:24Z
  - Remove moose component backward-compatibility hacks. Depend
    on Catalyst 5.71001 instead, which should provide sufficient
    backward-compat now.

0.03   2009-03-28 03:12:49Z
  - Don't screw up ActionClass attributes.
    - Add tests for this (Jason Kohles).

0.02   2009-02-21 01:08:40Z
  - Don't rely on parent being installed for the test suite.

0.01   2009-02-20 12:43:10Z
  - Initial release.