Revision history for Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-DBIx-Class

0.1506 2014-04-02
       * Fix doc bugs. RT#87372
       * Fix calling User->can() as a class method. RT#90715
       * Fix Catalyst tutorial link. RT#47043

0.1505 2013-06-10
       * Fix RT#82944 - test fails on perl >= 5.17.3

       * Return undef if there isn't a user. This will cause an exception
          but a more helpful exception (probably from DBIC) than the inability
          to call a method in this code.

0.1504  2012-10-05
        * Make use_userdata_from_session use inflate_result since this is
          already-stored data, not a "new" object being created

0.1503  2011-12-08
        * Change docs to show $c->config('Plugin::Authentication' => {...
          rather than $c->config->{authentication}. The new key, and method
          rather than hash access style are both preferred and recommended.

0.1502  2011-08-24
        * Switch repository to git (fREW Schmidt)

0.1501  2011-06-17
        * If use_userdata_from_session isn't set, then don't store more
          fields than we need in the session -- only the fields we need to
          load the object from the DB again.

0.1500  2010-11-16
        * Allow specifying a fully loaded DBIC result in addition to resultsets
          of which only the first row is considered.

0.1401  2010-11-16
        * Fix call to ->load which was not passing $c

0.1400  2010-09-01
        * Make can() work as well as AUTOLOADing.

0.1300  2010-06-16
        * Support columns with accessors that aren't the column name.
        * Fix some documentation typos.
        * Stop failing horribly when running the tests in parallel.
        * Default to not running pod tests for users, even if the
          required modules for that are available.

0.1200  2010-04-10
        Release 0.1100 as a stable version without further modifications.

0.1100  2010-03-29 - development release
        Support compound primary keys for looking up users.

0.1083  2010-03-03
        Tweaking exception message to better explain what people did wrong when
            they pass bad columns to authenticate.

0.1082  2008-10-27
        Documentation tweak to clarify user_class, store_user_class etc.

0.108   2008-09-25
        Adding SimpleDB realm to simplify basic auth configuration
        Changing user_class to user_model, per req. by mst to avoid confusing newbies.

0.107   2008-09-29
        Fix the typo in exception during authenticate
        Doc fixes and clarifications
        Added missing dependency on Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema to Makefile.PL

0.105   2008-03-19
        Throw an exception if no fields are provided during authenticate
           - better than retrieving a random user.
           - still possible to do an empty search by using searchargs

0.104   2008-02-15
        Added ability to avoid DB hits when restoring from session

0.103   2008-02-07
        Added missing DBIx::Class dependancy in Makefile.PL so
        that the damn test bots stop emailing me.

0.102   2008-01-23
          - Explicitly call auto_create() against resultset()
          - Explicitly call auto_update() against _user()
          - Document the above

0.101   2007-12-02
        Implemented basic auto_update_user and auto_create_user support

0.10    2007-07-07 3pm CST
        Proper handling of missing id_field config (load from primary_key)
        Throw exception if id_field specified does not exist
        Full test suite added.  (based loosely on old DBIC store)

0.03    XXX
        Switch to Module::Install

0.02    2006-12-16 2pm CST
        Rewritten to use proper accessors and clean up to match updated C::P::Authentication class naming

0.01    2006-11-10
        First version, worked internally, completely undocumented