Release history for Catalyst-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd

1.018     2017-06-28 00:28:23Z
   - removed optional prereqs from metadata (added in 1.017)

1.017     2017-06-27 23:20:58Z
   - modernized the tooling for 5.26 compatibility

1.016 2013-07-27
   - Fix repository metadata. RT#87114

1.015 2012-06-27
   - Add broken_dotnet_digest_without_query_string option

     Allows digest authentication from .NET, which does not include the
     query string in the uri in the digest Authorization header.

   - Fix broken synopsis. RT#75254

1.014 2012-02-05
   - Add require_ssl configuration setting.
   - Add no_unprompted_authorization_required configuration setting.

1.013 2010-12-14
   - Call store_digest_authorization_nonce() instead of $c->cache->set()
     in authenticate_digest() (RT#63669) (rjk)
   - Make Test::Exception and Test::MockObject be listed as test_requires
     rather than requires (RT#54029)
   - Skip WWW::Mech tests unless WWW::Mech is a new enough version (RT#55303).
   - Improve documentation for authenticate_digest() (rjk)
     - depends on Catalyst::Plugin::Cache, not Catalyst::Plugin::Session
     - reorganize and clarify

1.012 2010-03-07
   - Move actions out of the test applications to stop warnings.

   - Make Pod tests author only.

1.011 2009-06-26
   - Added true/false check to _debug option

1.010 2009-05-14
   - Moved tests out to t/lib/ (dhoss)

   - Add debug when a user is found, but passwords don't match (abraxxa)

1.009  2009-01-04
   - Remove use of _config accessor, which I'd stupidly cargo-culted.
     As we don't ever run in auth back-compat mode, we can store
     everything in instance data without worrying about conflicts.
     Note however - have to keep the accessor itself so that our
     parent class (which is still stupid and uses it) continues to work.

1.008  2008-12-10
  - Fix issue with the user not being authenticated into the correct
    realm, by not calling $c->set_authenticated ourselves, but instead
    just returning the user object. Fix suggested by Bernhard Graf. (t0m)
    - Add test for this (t0m)
  - Change $user to $user_obj in authenticate_digest for consistency (t0m)

1.007  2008-11-19
  - Add test for query strings in digest auth as digest header is built using
    the full URI (t0m)
  - Fix for this (Peter Corlett)
  - Fix warning when used with self_check => 1 (t0m)
  - Added respository info to META.yml (t0m)

1.006  2008-10-06
  - Added username_field configuration option. I need this to play
    nice with Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Tangram.
  - Doc cleanups / clarifications related to RT#39838

1.005  2008-09-25
  - Added better description of the use of the domains and
    use_uri_for options (info culled from RFC2617).
  - Split init method out to make this module easier to sub-class
    (used by Catalyst::Authentication::HTTP::Proxy).

1.004  2008-09-12
   - Add tests for use_uri_for configuration options.
   - Add tests and documentation for storing an MD5
     of "$user:$relam:$password" instead of cleartext password
     when doing digest auth.

1.003  2008-09-11
   - Add ability to override the realm name presented for authentication
     when calling $c->authenticate. Documentation and tests for this.
   - Clean up documentation of options inherited from 
   - Added an example of calling methods in the credential module from a 
     controller to the POD.
   - Tests for the authorization_required_message configuration parameter. 
   - Document use_uri_for configuration option
   - Document domain option (passed through from $c->authenticate) and add 
     tests for this option.

1.002  2008-09-03
   - Fix the assumptions that the password field is named password when doing 
     digest auth.

1.001  2008-09-02
   - Fix some of the assumptions about the user class by inheriting from the
     Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Password module. This should make
     using DBIC as a store work correctly for basic auth.
   - Updated synopsis and todo list, this module still needs some work before
     it's ready for prime time again..

1.000  2008-09-01
   - Rename to remove Plugin from namespace. This is a pretty breaking change,
     as lots of things work differently with the new auth refactor.
   - Pull out some functionality which I think is better in other 
     modules (realms/stores). With the auth refactor, this module didn't need
     to do so much. If anyone misses any of the functionality, please yell at
     me and I'll put it back.

0.11  2008-07-12
    - Changed cache modules used in the tests to not be deprecated.
    - Fix RT#31036, and comply with RFC2617 Section 1.2.

0.10  2007-04-26
    - switch to Module::Install

0.09  2006-12-31
    - clean up tests
    - clean up docs
    - add body to 401 status

0.08  2006-10-12
    - Fix basic test when using Test::MockObject 1.07 (die if using undefined

0.07  2006-09-12
    - Applied Ton Voon's patch that fixed option propagation for basic auth.

0.06  2006-09-07
    - Refactored internals into smaller methods