Revision history for Perl module Carp::Assert

0.22 2023-03-04
    - Removed shouldn't. As of perl 5.37.9 use of apostrophe
      as a package separator warns. As of 5.42 it will be removed.
      Really Schwern, you should have resisted the urge. :-)
    - Changed the Makefile.PL metadata to point at my repo, not
      the Schwern repo.

0.21 2014-06-25
    - Fixed typos in pod. RT#95017 - thanks Daniel Lintott.
    - Added links to a number of modules in SEE ALSO.
    - Added links to wikipedia page on assert.h
    - Added github repo to dist metadata and pod
    - Add "use warnings" and bumped min perl version to 5.6.0
    - Added license type to dist metadata via Makefile.PL
    - Add TEST_REQUIRES if your EU::MM supports it, otherwise
      add them to PREREQ_PM
    - Reformatted Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.20 2007-01-05 MSCHWERN
    - The tests will no longer fail should the user have NDEBUG or
      PERL_NDEBUG environment variables set [ 21170]
    - Update the license link to point to the whole Perl license, not
      just the Artistic license.

0.19 2007-01-02 MSCHWERN
    - Fixed installation for those who have Pod::Tests but pod2test is
      not in their PATH as some CPAN shell configurations do.

0.18 2004-03-03 MSCHWERN
    - Added copyright and license info
    - Made affirm's code dumping code safe on perl where B::Deparse
      isn't quite up to the job.
    - Some minor grammar nits from David Wheeler.

0.17 2001-10-01 MSCHWERN
    - Wouldn't install without Test::Inline.  Removed that dependency.

0.16 2001-09-09 MSCHWERN
    - Now works all the way back to 5.004!
    - Forgot to add a dependency on Test::More
    - Added embedded tests

0.15 2001-08-22 MSCHWERN
    - Now using B::Deparse
    - Added affirm()
    - Tweaked the assertion message a bit
    - Added more docs about debugging vs production
    - Added an EFFICIENCY section.

0.14 2001-03-11 (not released) MSCHWERN
    - Added $name argument to assert()

0.13 2001-02-09 MSCHWERN
    - Added shouldn't().

0.12 2001-02-07 MSCHWERN
    - Added PERL_NDEBUG environment variable, same as NDEBUG
    - added should() and shouldnt()
    - Fixed :NDEBUG/no Carp::Assert to completely shut off assertions.

0.11 2000-06-02 MSCHWERN
    - Added NDEBUG environment variable to shut off all assertions.
    - Added a test for NDEBUG.

0.10 2000-03-13 MSCHWERN
    - Removed uses of, reduces load time a bit.
    - C< no Carp::Assert > is now the way to shut off assertions.

0.08 1999-12-23 MSCHWERN
    - Made the assert error a smidge nicer looking.
    - Added some docs on what an assert error means.

0.07 1999-10-13 MSCHWERN
    - s/assertation/assertion/g  (Thanks to John Porter)
    - improved the synopsis a smidge
    - added another example of bad usage
    - delayed loading of Carp until an assert() fails

0.06 1999-04-29 MSCHWERN
    - added INSTALL and README

0.05 1999-04-28 (not released) MSCHWERN
    - tests fixed
    - confirmed at assert compiles out properly

0.04 1999-04-28 (not released) MSCHWERN
    - Devel::Assert is now Carp::Assert
    - simplified the interface greatly.

0.03 1999-01-06 MSCHWERN
    - First release to CPAN

0.01 1999-01-05
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18