canella - Frontend to Canella Deploy Tool


    canella [-C num] [-s key=value ...] [ --mode=xxxx ] -c etc/ role task [task ...]


-c | --config String

Specifies the configuration file. Required.

-C | --concurrency Integer

Specifies the number of coroutine threads to run concurrently.

The default number for this option is 8

--mode String

Changes the operation mode.

When "dump" mode is specified, dumps the tasks, roles, parameters, and config file name in JSON format.

When "help" mode is specified, shows some help message describing the specified deploy file

-s | --set String '=' String

Specifies parameters from the command line

Given a config like:

    task mytask => sub {
        say get 'foo';

Invoking canella like this will print ouf "bar":

    canella -s foo=bar -c etc/ mytask

Note that -s allows you to override default variables set in the deploy file:

    set foo => 1;
    task mytask => sub {
        say get 'foo';

    canella -s foo=bar -c etc/ mytask
    # prints "bar"