Revision history for Perl extension Canella

0.05 2013-07-09T01:37:33Z
    - Add doc($section, $string) DSL, which allows you to include
      arbitrary documentation in your deploy file
    - Add --mode=help to describe the deploy file
    - Add task($name, %args) DSL that allows more parameters to be
      passed in, including the description of the task, which can be
      viewed via --mode=help
    - Change the way the deploy file is evaluated, so that the caller
      namespace (Canella::Context) is not polluted

0.04 2013-07-08T00:48:55Z
    - Add sudo(\&block) DSL, so you can do stuff like
        sudo {
            run "...";
            run "...";

    or even
        remote {
            sudo {
                run "...";

0.03 2013-07-05T05:22:53Z
    - Add call($task_name) DSL, so you can do stuff like

        task foo => sub {
            call 'bar', 'baz';
        task bar => sub { ... };
        task baz => sub { ... };

0.02 2013-07-05T01:27:47Z
    - Document --mode=dump
    - Overridden parameters are now set BEFORE the deploy file is evaluated.
    - Changed prototypes for get/set DSL functions to avoid accidental
      slurping of proceeding statements

0.01 2013-07-04T12:39:15Z

    - original version