use CSS::SAC qw();
  use CSS::SAC::Writer ();

  ### create a doc handler using the writer
  # options can also be ioref and string (given a stringref) in which
  # case it'll write to the filehandle or to the string.
  # Yes, it also works as an ErrorHandler (though not a good one)

  my $doc_h = CSS::SAC::Writer->new({ filename => 'out.css' });
  my $sac = CSS::SAC->new({
                           DocumentHandler => $doc_h,
                           ErrorHandler    => $doc_h,

  # generate a stream of events
  $sac->parse({ filename => 'foo.css' });


This is a simplistic SAC handler that demonstrates how one may use CSS::SAC. More useful ones will follow. Obviously, it isn't documented much, given that its value resides mostly in the source code :)

You can of course still use it as a way to write CSS from a SAC stream.


Robin Berjon <>

This module is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.