Changes for the CPAN Testers Reports website

3.60    2017-06-30
        - stats code no longer to be stored as JSON, retrieved dynamically on
        - new CGI script; reports-statistics.cgi, new & updated templates, and
          updated Javascript files.
        - perls & OSes no longer stored as JSON, retrieved dynamically on page
        - DB server now in US, so oldest request time are recorded at EDT.
        - Static site has now been deprecated. See GH#6 for more details:

3.59    2017-06-07
        - introduced auto incrementing storeid to stats_store, to make updates
          easier than lots of inserts.
        - updated scripts & files with changes from production environment.

3.58    2017-06-04
        - updated Release code to use new distribution indices.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-5.32.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.19.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-CPAN-3.54.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Requests-1.08.
        - updated view-report.cgi to latest live version
          (thanks to Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior for the patch)
        - updated changes from live production.
        - added Try::Tiny capture around the RemoveAuthorPages block due to
          some odd JSON parsing that was causing it to crash.
        - new code to load Perl/OS stats, due to the previous db overload.

3.57    2015-08-16
        - fixes from live.
        - updated quotation.
        - added debug lines to view-report.cgi.

3.56    2015-02-11
        - added Admin site links.
        - removed Perl promotions links.

3.55    2014-12-03
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-5.27.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.18.
        - fixed RemoveAuthorPages as $name was the dist not the author name.
        - added admin menu links.

3.54    2014-09-23
        - XHTML template fixes.

3.53    2014-09-20
        - added documentation to:
          - reports-summary.cgi, and release-summary.cgi.
        - fixed reports-summary.cgi to correctly reference the format as csv
          instead of txt. Updated templates.
        - fixed regex patterns matching perl development versions.
        - added ability to process command line options:
          - reports-summary.cgi, and release-summary.cgi.
        - added JSON support (reports-summary.cgi).
        - author responses now include version for csv, json and xml output 
        - fixed content type & disposition in return headers.

3.52    2014-09-20
        - fixed license fields in META.json to be lists.
        - added homepage to META resources.
        - added documentation about the CPAN Testers Fund.

3.51    2014-08-16
        - fixed distribution name in metadata.

3.50    2014-07-17
        - missing prerequisite in META.

3.49    2014-07-08
        - add logic for tester preferred contact address.
        - abstracted out Labyrinth-Plugin-CPAN.

3.48    2014-03-31
        - server side code for CPAN::Testers::WWW::Reports::Query::Report.

3.47    2014-03-16
        - exclude NA reports from the nopass RSS feeds (as requested by RJBS).
        - consolidate pre-requisites.

3.46    2014-03-02
        - removed 'reports_' as a prefix to database tables.

3.45    2014-03-02
        - layout fixes to static CSS.
        - rel=nofollow updates to iheart.js.
        - exclude rss/yml/json from msnbot crawlers.
        - various minor fixes.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-5.20.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.14.

3.44    2013-12-15
        - Added functionality for 'rmdist' and 'rmauth' for removing reports.
        - added missing prereq in makefile.PL
        - included new scripts used in live.
        - included missing templates used in live.
        - updated scripts and templates used in live.
        - fixed RSS dates as highlighted by Ricardo Signes.
        - restricted RSS feeds to one year, suggested by David Wheeler.
        - hacks to support RSS v2.0.

3.43    2013-07-10
        - added to start compressing reports in the 
          metabase table.

3.42    2013-06-30
        - minor displayed version fixes.
        - added new buildlevel to ensure overdue popular distributions are built 
          sooner rather than later.
        - allow build queries to be author or distro centric, or combined.
        - report serialisation switched to Data::FlexSerializer to compress 

3.41    2013-03-24
        - fixed prerequisites.
        - removed redundant code.
        - added LICENSE.
        - added examples directory.
        - updated iheart to use JSON.

3.40    2012-09-06
        - reports-summary fixes.
        - distro.js template fix.
        - addition of script.

3.39    2012-09-04
        - added iheart CSS.
        - versions with TRIAL now designated dev releases. [RT#77681 - CJM]
        - added distro version summary header. [RT#74905 - BAREFOOT]
        - Transform fix in the Builder.

3.38    2012-09-01
        - added crawler detection.
        - prevent Author & Distro crawler requests being passed to Builder.
        - upgraded Labyrinth Core to version 5.13.
        - change file dates changed to meet W3CDTF standards.

3.37    2012-07-08
        - renumbered versions to reflect website versions.
        - upgraded Labyrinth Core to version 5.12.
        - upgraded Labyrinth Core Plugin to version 5.10.
        - added sidebar sponsorship and advert panel.
        - reworked Makefile.PL for clarity.
        - added README
        - updated cpan-config.ini

3.36    2012-02-05
        - First public release (this was originally released as v1.00)

        # This release, although doesn't match the code released for the
        # the live website, forms the basis of the official public release
        # as version 1.00 of this distribution. This version is now being
        # merged for the next release.

3.35    2011-04-12
        - reports ordered by fulldate in JSON file.
        - RSS feeds upgraded to 2.0
        - upgraded TinyMCE to version

3.34    2011-01-09
        - further refinements to building author and distro pages.
        - optimisation of queries.

3.33    2011-01-09
        - added Fix method to clean release_summary table.
        - added update of summary for each author of a dist/version.

3.32    2011-01-06
        - added support for providing dynamic YAML, RSS and nopass RSS files.
        - disabled reading from existing JSON files as it uses too much memory

3.31    2010-12-16
        - added support for initially reading from stored JSON file for authors
          and distros.
        - added support for updating an author JSON via the distro update. This
          will author page updates to be done by the distros, and only missing
          pages (new authors) will get push into page_requests.

3.30    2010-11-29
        - fix to admin layout.
        - fix to email constraint.
        - upgraded Labyrinth Core to version 5.00.
        - update to admin templates to make them consistent across sites.
        - update to hits table, createdate (varchar)=> createddate (int),
          added indices for area and query.

3.29    2010-11-10
        - authors now produce JSON files.
        - added rel="nofollow" to JSON, YAML and RSS links.
        - report pages now refresh every 5 minutes for missing reports.
        - added realms and layouts for YAML and RSS
        - added the ability for RSS feeds for authors and distros to be
          generated dynamically from the saved JSON file.
        - fix to add/edit requests in admin site.

3.28    2010-10-30
        - update Menus plugin to latest codebase.
        - added Requests plugin (and supporting files).
        - added Metabase and Labyrinth links.
        - repositioned site boxes to avoid text and logo clashing.
        - reworked SQL queries to be more efficient.
        - sessions now deleted by isolated script not part of logins.
        - builder now uses versions instead of Sort::Versions.
        - changes to the build frequency of requests.
        - perl development version regex reworked to be future proof.
        - added release summary rebuild for a single distribution.
        - fix to release summary to allow for guid.
        - fix to view report with id/nntpid/guid.
        - new OS title headings.

3.27    2010-04-11
        - bugfix to stats code for storing MSWin32 latest version.
        - added Metabase lookup code for reports and testers facts.
        - defaulted report references to GUID.
        - upgraded Labyrinth Core to version 4.18.

3.26    2010-01-31
        - redesigned Labyrinth Core to use requests via DB, and to only load
          plugins on demand.
        - release_data and release_summary tables now use GUID.

3.25    2010-01-18
        - update to SQL to ignore invalid reports.

3.24    2010-01-11
        - added quote.html
        - changed report view to a widescreen version.
        - added param functionality for distribution version selection.
        - added distribution version to individual report pages

3.23    2010-01-06
        - Status => Grade.
        - removed visible references to NNTP ID, only used to link to reports.
        - reports now viewable within the website, not via NNTP archive.
        - fixed recent.html and recent.rss content and links.
        - static article pages now in page directory.
        - orange buttons (RSS, etc) moved to top of pages.
        - added Analysis to site family lists.

3.22    2009-12-29
        - changed site version var to 'siteversion', updating all scripts.
        - reworked PASS summaries, now only lists non-patched versions.
        - reworked PASS statistics to include versions and counts.

3.21    2009-12-28
        - reorganised pages to bring pass summary to the top.
        - updated the stats pages.

3.20    2009-12-22
        - improvements to the builder.
        - added Monitor code.
        - added status page.

3.19    2009-12-10
        - updated Builder to slightly shift processing to older requests, if
          requests get too older (over 5 days).
        - updated Author and Distro to check for authors and distros, and throw
          an unknown page rather than push into the page_requests table.

3.18    2009-10-19
        - fixed formatDate
        - fixed order of reports for author pages
        - changed update requests lookup for both authors and distros.
        - added functionality to use new osname table rather than long search
          through cpanstats table.
        - backported live fixes over the last few months.

3.17    2009-07-25
        - added status table for the builder (based on page requests).
        - added configurable build levels to better adjust how the build runs.

3.16    2009-07-18
        - toolkit script versions now synced to package release version.
        - added GetOlderRequests to catch requests that have been waiting too

3.15    2009-07-16
        - saved as 3.14_01 but really 3.15
        - LIVE fixes
          - added quickhit updates (GetSmallRequests).
          - breadcrumb updates made uppercase.

3.14    2009-06-30
        - fixed some layout issues.

3.13    2009-06-14
        - added config files for the builder or release backend scripts.
        - amended to match how release_data and release_summary
          tables are now used.

3.12    2009-06-09
        - further changes to build the release_summary table.

3.11    2009-06-08
        - altered Release::Create() to create all missing entries.
        - fixes to ensure author and distro YAML files match fields.
        - fixes to JSON output to include all reports.
        - updated checks for the checker.

3.10    2009-06-07
        - added a crosslink to jump between pages in the dynamic and static
        - fixed typo fix 'Wesite' in static layout
        - fixed static pages for distro and author
        - added release_summary plugin code.

3.09    2009-06-04
        - rewritten SQL for author pages, for authors with 100 or less dists,
          as the although the old SQL is fairly constant, the newer SQL works
          much better for the bulk of queries.

3.08    2009-06-03
        - improved performance of the AJAX reports-summary.cgi (v0.04).
        - added symlink/merged code to reports-summary.cgi lookup.
        - fixed CSS code for cross-browser (thanks again to JJ).
        - fixed link to recent.html.

3.07    2009-06-01
        - added IE6 warning code (thanks to JJ)
        - attempt to fix IE bug with titles.

3.06    2009-06-01
        - fixed js filters as spotted by Adam Kennedy.
        - added missing recent pages to

3.05    2009-05-26
        - fixed bogus author and distro requests

3.04    2009-05-23
        - added the ability to generate symlinks
        - added the removal of all merged distribution names

3.03    2009-05-21
        - further changes to improve performance for the Builder.

3.02    2009-05-21
        - fixes as scalar.substr(0,1) does work in TT :(
          - addendum: this appears to have been due to the server having
            TT-2.14, which doesn't support VMETHODS. However, rework might as
            well stay.
        - added tool to help check entires in DB

3.01    2009-05-19
        - rework to integrate with new backend design

3.00    2009-04-27
        - initial basic Labyrinth release