Changes for the CPAN Testers Preferences website

0.20    2015-02-16
        - fixed pre-requisites.

0.19    2015-02-10
        - final fix for PAUSE authentication.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-5.24.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.19.
        - added Admin site links.

0.18    2014-09-22
        - fixed license fields in META.json to be lists.
        - added documentation about the CPAN Testers Fund.

0.17	2014-07-11
        - removed obsolete files.
        - remove NONE from templates.

0.16	2014-07-07
        - abstracted out Labyrinth-Plugin-CPAN.

0.15	2014-07-05
        - renamed to CPAN-Testers-WWW-Preferences.
        - documentation fixes.

0.14	2014-07-05
        - first release to CPAN.
        - renamed tables.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-5.20.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.14.
        - upgrade to Labyrinth-DIUtils-ImageMagick-5.04.

0.13	2011-08-18
        - user lists now hide special users (Guest), restrict access to users
          of the same or higher access, and prevent priveledged users from
          being deleted.
        - user acls fixed to correctly list folders and access.
        - folder list driven by database, added FolderName function.
        - update to admin templates to make them consistent across sites.
        - revised banner logo image by Jon 'JJ' Allen.

0.12	2010-10-03
        - upgrade to Labyrinth v5.00 (CORE only)
        - added links to Metabase and Labyrinth.
        - repositioned site boxes to avoid text and logo clashing.
        - activated SetHits.
        - update CSS for lists.
        - reworded templates to make it clearer how to disable notifications.
        - new perl_version table incorporated to speed up perl version lookups.

0.11	2010-01-19
        - moved dist version lookup away from 'cpanstats' table.
        - removed obsolete methods from
        - removed obsolete queries from phrasebook.ini.
        - removed use of DBX to connect to additional SQLite DBs as all are
          MySQL now.
        - OS names loaded from DB not config.

0.10	2010-01-14
        - added Analysis to site family lists.
        - added quote.html

0.09	2009-07-30
        - added missing user-forgot action.
        - removed word 'Notification' from author menu.
        - author distribution list now only list dist on CPAN.
        - s/\s.*// filtering on Perl Version pattern matching.
        - OS names dropdown now display names not codes
        - smaller font on footer
        - removed references to uploads database.

0.08	2009-05-17
        - reskinned with new layout design
        - fixed profile editing and creating a new user.

0.07	2009-04-24
        - added support for Weekly & Monthly Summary reports, as well as
          individual reports.
        - fixed name change when "unimpostering".

0.06	2009-01-26
        - as spotted by Chris Williams:
          - fixed text in user-login.html to reference PAUSEID not email.
          - relaxed the password pass through validation to allow unusual 
            characters in passwords.
          - removed the need for referencing Parse::BACKPAN::Packages and 
            Parse::CPAN::Distributions due to the new 'uploads' database.
        - removed adverts from the footer (SSL has a problem with it)
        - imporved text in user-login.

0.05	2008-11-16
        - as suggested by David Golden:
          - disable distribution filters if the distribution has been disabled.
          - disable default filters if all reports are disabled.
          - use javascript to toggle filters between disable/enable for above.
          - changed saved messages to alerts to be more prominent.
          - fixed notes and keys on distribution list page
          - disabled distributions now greyed out on list page
          - summary table now uses "author defaults" or "reports disabled" to
            avoid blank columns, and inform the user better.
          - labeled first column "X", for the ignore/disable column.
        - removed notion of "NONE", implemented an "ignore" flag and set the
          report type to correctly identify the report requested. This is so
          re-enabling a disabled distribution can recall the previous values.
          A by-product of this is now the author can select to not receive any
          reports by default, but select specific distributions to receieve
          reports for.

0.04	2008-11-14
        - amended tooltip CSS to try and avoid the limitations of browser 
        - as suggested by David Golden:
          - used a summary table on the distributions list page.
          - emphasised the customisation ability of distributions.
          - renamed navigation options
        - added ability to select which distributions to apply to which
          notifications. Only Daily Summary at the moment, but allows for
          future expansion.

0.03	2008-11-14
        - fixes made following review of apache error log entries.
        - as suggested by Andreas Koenig:
          - added short circuit for blank login.
          - removed external javascript for login page.
        - as suggested by David Cantrell:
          - added tooltips to preference settings pages.
          - added checkboxes to ignore distros on distribution list pages.
          - added ability to exclude selections in some filters.

0.02	2008-11-11
        - fixes made following review of apache error log entries.

0.01	2008-11-09
        - First released version, based on Labyrinth v4.15