January 8, 2011 - 0.78
    - no code changes, fixed packaging glitch

January 6, 2011 - 0.77
    - ISHIGAKI took over the maintenance.
    - fixed several dependencies.
    - resolved RT #51890: POD nit.
    - removed unauthorized PPM files

August 4, 2006 - 0.76
    - don't use Module::MakefilePL::Parse, as CPAN.pm reports
      there's no maintainer. Instead, use a parse_MakefilePL
      routine based on Module::CPANTS::Generator::Prereq.
    - drop requirement of PPM, and instead use XML::SAX::ExpatXS
      as XML parser.
    - don't die if META.yml file can't be loaded.
    - ignore indexing of SpreadSheet-WriteExcel-WebPivot2,
      as CPAN::DistnameInfo thinks WebPivot2 is the
      version number of SpreadSheet-WriteExcel.
    - use Module::MakefilePL::Parse to extract prerequisite
      information if META.yml isn't present.
    - add CPAN::Search::Lite::Version (in C::S::L::Util)
      to compare distribution versions, borrowed from
      CPAN::Version, and drop Sort::Versions requirement
    - as ActiveState recently changed the way they serve
      the ppm summary files from their server, change
      CPAN::Search::Lite::PPM to fetch and parse package.lst or
      searchsummary.ppm files.
    - insert an "mtime" field in the reps table to record
      the last modified time of a package.lst or searchsummary.ppm
      file from a ppm server, so as to avoid downloading
      and parsing files which have been seen in an earlier run.
    - use Pod::Xhtml to convert the pod to html format. This has
      a major advantage of allowing one to insert text before
      and after the opening <body> tag and before the closing
      </body> tags, so as not to have to edit the files
      afterwards. Related to this, split off the html generation
      into C::S::L::HTML, and call it last in the indexing procedure,
      so as to be able to resolve links to the docs of modules
      already indexed.
    - change relative ranking of search terms when such terms
      have spaces, so that a module search for, eg, 'Net SMTP',
      will weight Net::SMTP more. 

February 26, 2006 - 0.74
    - add documentation, pragma, and Perl6 chapters
    - if there are no results in the data structure for a
      ppm repository, skip updating that repository
    - adjust method of generating tests via Apache::Test
      to accomodate recent Apache::Test changes
    - add requirement of Apache2::SOAP and PPM
    - update build/gen_conf script to use Apache2:: namespace
August 9, 2005 - 0.71
    - add user option, via a cookie, to override language
      choice coming from browser setting.
    - add method to search by subchapter name.
    - in doing searches, add a score to use when sorting
      results so that, roughly, $name =~ m/^$query_term/ will
      score higher, and subsequently appear earlier on in list.
    - a method in the search for distributions wasn't
      preserving the order of the search results returned
      by the database; this has now been fixed.
    - the score based on the relevance of the search term
      in the abstract or full CPAN name was used incorrectly
      in sorting the results; this is now fixed.

June 30, 2005 - 0.68
    - remove use of Apache2.pm in the Apache2/ tests
    - add PAR::WebStart functionality to launch applications
      to install CPAN and ppm packages
    - fix bug whereby relevant CHECKSUMS file wasn't found
      if the distribution was under a subdirectory in the
      CPAN id directory

May 4, 2005 - 0.66
    - honor 'provides' field in META.yml file to provide
      list of packages/files the distribution supplies.
    - when updating a distribution, check that the existing
      modules in the dists table are present in the updated
      distribution, and delete them if they're not.
    - add Portugese translations (thanks to Alberto Simoes)
    - fix mod_perl handlers to use new namespace introduced
      in RC5 of mp2. Note that all Apache::* modules are
      now named Apache2::*.
    - assume utf-8 data in mod_perl handlers

April 7, 2005 - 0.64
    - when extracting files from a distribution, honor
      the file, directory, and package entries of the no_index
      field in a META.yml file to ignore indexing
    - introduce the environment variable CSL_CONFIG_FILE as
      an optional means to specify the configuration file
    - when reindexing, set no_ppm = 1, so as to not index ppm
    - die when reading the configuration file unless only the
      expected parameters are specified
    - introduce an "ignore" field in the configuration file
      to specify distribution(s) to ignore when indexing
    - add a "src" field to the module table to specify if the
      source of the module is available
    - introduce a pod_split option that allows one to write 2 sets
      of html docs; once containing just the pod (from pod2html), and
      the other containing the complete source as generated through
      Perl::Tidy (which is usually quite large) (suggested by
      Sebastian Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - enclose all of META.yml files in <PRE> tags, as the
      html formatting is often off (suggested by Sebastian Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - use Perl::Tidy to generate html documentation; this includes
      formatting of the actual code at the bottom of the html page,
      and thus we extract all of the module from the archive, and
      not just the pod as before (suggested by Sebastian Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - rather than have some of the translations done in separate tt2
      pages, move all the translations into C::S::L::Lang::*.pm, and
      pass a language-specific data structure into one set of
      tt2 pages (suggested by Sebastian Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - add module, distribution, author, or chapter name in title
      of tt2 page, when specified (suggested by Sebastian Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - start split of DBI functionality into separate modules:
      C::S::L::DBI and C::S::L::DBI::*
    - add option to reindex a distribution
    - have search results for modules and distributions return
      their chapter information
    - have search results for modules and distributions ordered 
      also by their score when matching the abstract
    - add a md5 column to the dists table to record the MD5
      checksum from the CPAN CHECKSUMS file (suggested by Chris Dolan)
    - add auto-incrementing primary keys to the ppms, chaps, and
      reqs tables
    - add two new tables, reps and chapters, to record respectively
      the chapter names and repository names
    - add a script, build/fix_db.pl, to alter the tables based on
      previous versions of C::S::L to agree with the current version
    - change the way custom Apache directives are invoked so as to
      work with the current RC1 of mod_perl 2 
    - add a build/rss.pl script to generate an rss feed

Sept 22, 2004 - 0.59
    - various translation improvements
         French: Isabelle Hernandez <isa at panix.com>
         German: Florian Greb <greb at inf.fu-berlin.de>
         Italian: Enrico Sorcinelli <bepi at modperl.it>
         Spanish: Joaquin Ferrero <explorer at joaquinferrero.com>
    - add script to automatically generate dslip.html information
      page in different languages, contributed by Briac Pilpre
      <briac at pilpre.com>)
    - add checks of Apache::Test, SOAP::Lite, mod_perl, and
      libapreq2 in Makefile.PL, which are optional modules in principle,
      but needed to run various web services for the database.
    - split the modules into a lib/ and Apache2/ directory,
      so as to be able to run "Test" tests under lib/ and
      "Apache::Test" tests under Apache2/.
    - add a test suite, which requires a "test" database (of user
     "test") already set up, plus Apache::Test to test web services.
    - add a simple configuration script to set up the configuration
      file used by csl_index to create and update the database,
      as well as some sample Apache directives.
    - for the Apache directives to set up the database connection,
      interpret the lack of a password directive to mean no password
      is required.
    - for a search term of a module or distribution which results
      in one match, supply the "subletter" information.
    - remove some leading and trailing spaces in the information
      gathered from the CPAN indices for author full names and
      chapter ids.
    - in the example Apache directives, indicate that CPAN ids
      can contain numbers, as well as letters and the '-' sign.
    - when a distribution is scheduled for deletion from the
      database, remove it's pod and html docs as well, if present.

Sept 4, 2004 - 0.55
    - use AI::Categorizer to guess at a category for unassigned
      modules/distributions, based on the learning from existing
      categorized modules. There are two new options available
      in the [CPAN] section of the configuration file:
         - cat_threshold: a number between 0 and 1 used as a threshold
           for assigning categories
         - no_cat: to not use this feature
    - bump up length of module names stored in the mods table,
      as some modules were longer than this
    - if there is only one result available for a link from a "letter"
      page of modules/distributions or a chapter page, redirect to
      that page directly, rather than show a page with one link
    - present the date and file size associated with distributions
      in different languages
    - (greatly) improved translations:
         French: Isabelle Hernandez <isa at panix.com>
                 Arnaud Assad <arnaud at underlands.org>
         German: Florian Greb <greb at inf.fu-berlin.de>
         Italian: Enrico Sorcinelli <bepi at modperl.it>
         Spanish: Joaquin Ferrero <explorer at joaquinferrero.com>
    - add ppminfo.cgi, a soap server script now used by PPM::Make
      to get module/distribution/author info.
    - switch to Lingua::Stem for the stemming algorithm used
      in the text searches

July 29, 2004 - 0.53
    - fix bug where an error message, for example, in a regular
      expression query was getting cached across requests.
    - introduce presentation of results in different languages,
      based on the language preference of the web browser.
      This entails some changes in the config/header/footer tt2
      pages, as well as provision of the rest of the pages in
      a translated form.
    - introduce stemming (from Text::English) when doing a text
      search of the module/distribution abstracts; this is an
      experiment to see if better search results are obtained.

June 14, 2004 - 0.47
    - fix bug in Query.pm to return an array if requested.

June 2, 2004 - 0.46
    - fix bug where some updates weren't being recorded properly
      when they involved a change in module author

April 15, 2004 - 0.45
    - add custom Apache2 configuration directives for
      mod_perl 2 based modules, rather than having to edit
      the files
    - add mod_perl 2 SOAP-based services (requires Apache2::SOAP,
      which is a mod_perl 2 aware version of Apache::SOAP of the
      SOAP-Lite distribution), and provide examples within
      bin/csl_soap and bin/perldocs.

March 19, 2004 - 0.25
    - add perldocs, a soap-enhanced Pod::Perldoc to fetch from
      remote repository modules pods not available on local system.

March 13, 2004 - 0.23
    - when calling CPAN::Search::Lite::Query->new(), accept as an argument
      max_results => $max_results, specifying the maximum number
      of results to return.
    - fix a bug where $max_results was being applied to more than
      just user queries (which it now does).
    - move declaration of Template::Toolkit object to a package
      variable in the mod_perl handlers, so as to cache it.
    - move declaration of CPAN::Search::Lite::Query object to
      a package variable in the mod_perl handlers, so as to cache it.

March 10, 2004 - 0.20
    - ensure the labelled INSTALL and README files for a distribution
      are not possible .pm files.
    - add a fix_links method to Populate.pm to fix the links in the
      generated html files. The reason for this is that when the html
      file are created no cache is used, to maintain consistency between
      updates, and so links to packages outside a given package may
      be wrong. This method queries the database to see what module
      docs are really present, and asjusts the links accordingly
      (or removes them, if they're not present).

Mar 7, 2004 - 0.15
    - trim whitespace from query term, and remove quotes and
    - verify presence of table id before updating tables
    - check for validity of regular expression query term
    - direct to main page if query term is empty
    - various checks to avoid warnings about uninitialized
      hash elements
    - documentation fixes
Feb 29, 2004 - 0.1
    - initial release