Warnings about modules where we can't find their META.yml or Makefile.PL, and so can't divine their pre-requisites, will be suppressed;


Failure to get a module's dependencies will be a fatal error instead of merely emitting a warning;


Use this version of perl to figure out what's in core. If not specified, it defaults to 5.005. Three part version numbers (eg 5.8.8) are supported but discouraged.


A directory to use for caching. It defaults to no caching. Even if caching is turned on, this is only for META.yml or Makefile.PL files.

The cache is never automatically cleared out. It is your responsibility to clear out old data.


Cuts off the dependency tree at the specified depth. Your specified module is at depth 0, your dependencies at depth 1, their dependencies at depth 2, and so on.

If you don't specify any maxdepth at all it will grovel over the entire tree.


This can be provided more than once, if for example you want to use a private Pinto repository for your own code while using a public CPAN mirror for open source dependencies. The argument comes in two parts separated by a comma - the base URL from which to fetch files, and optionally the URL or a file from which to fetch the index 02packages.details.txt.gz file to use with that mirror.


If you want to use the default CPAN mirror ( but also specify an index location you can use DEFAULT for the mirror URL.

So for example, to use your own special private mirror, including fetching 02packages from it, but also use the default mirror with a cached local copy of its 02packages, specify two mirrors thus:

  mirror => '',
  mirror => 'DEFAULT,file:///home/me/mycache/02packages.txt.gz'

The index is cached for three minutes or until your process finishes, whichever is soonest. This is because it is HUMUNGOUS and parsing it takes ages even when it's loaded from a local disk, and I don't want the tests to take forever.


If set to true, then for any module that doesn't have a META.yml, try to use its Makefile.PL as well. Note that this involves downloading code from the Internet and running it. This obviously opens you up to all kinds of bad juju, hence why it is disabled by default. NB that this fetches Makefile.PL from only so will not work for private mirrors. This is a deliberate choice, your own private code ought to be packaged properly with a META file, you should only care about divining dependencies from Makefile.PL if you rely on really old stuff on public CPAN mirrors.

Adds recommended modules to the list of dependencies, if set to a true value.


Adds suggested modules to the list of dependencies, if set to a true value.

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