2016-06-14  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.12

	* more on #113615: Fix recalc being too lazy (bug analysis by Ralf
	Neubauer, code by Andreas Koenig)

2016-04-09  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.11

	* address #113615: extend the production rules for compressed file to
	.tgz and .tbz. Up to now those did not get a checksum for the uncompress
	file (requested by Ralf Neubauer)

	* bump the Module::Signature version that decides whether to test or not
	to test (Salve J. Nilsen)

	* never let t/00signature.t actually fail

2015-04-11  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.10; no functional change

	* 00signature.t: survive recent changes in ExtUtils::MakeMaker (_eumm)
	and in Module::Signature ($ENV{TEST_SIGNATURE})

	* add repository address to the Makefile.PL

	* add Changes file to the MANIFEST

2014-04-04  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.09; no functional change

	* improve test signature.t (Petr Písař)

2011-08-30  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.08; no functional change

	* survive newest toolchain that creates a MYMETA.json

2010-11-20  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.07; no functional change

	* survive the signature test under bad conditions

2010-10-24  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.06


2010-01-23  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.05

	* Addressing the test failure in

2009-09-28  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.04

	* Adding a signature verification test. The previous release had two
	files missing. Signature verification would have notified me.

2009-09-20  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* Version 2.03

	* Adding a Copyright statement. Up to now we only had a license but not
	the copyright statement which makes it difficult for the reader to
	understand the license. Thanks to Ryan Niebur for bringing this to my

2008-10-31  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>

	* Version 2.02

	* Bugfix: call binmode as a function and at the same time demand a newer
	IO::File as prereq. (addressing

2008-09-03  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>

	* Version 2.01

	* add missing binmode() for Windows (courtesy Elliot Shank)

2008-05-17  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>

	* Version 2.00

	* empty directories can now also get a checksums file.

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	mode: change-log
	change-log-default-name: "Changes"
	tab-width: 2
	left-margin: 2