Revision history for CHI::Driver::SharedMem

0.14	Thu 23 Jan 10:34:54 EST 2014
	Fix a rare condition where the data fails to read
	Added work around for RT89892
	Use Test::Most instead of Test::More
	Added t/strict.t

0.13	Mon Sep 17 09:20:58 BST 2012
	Handle race condition which could result in an error when two processes
		try to remove the same empty shared memory area when they

0.12	Mon Sep  3 08:22:39 BST 2012
	t/01-new.t: Handle 'Bad System Call' within Cygwin
	Use read locks where possible

0.11	Fri Aug 31 08:31:20 BST 2012
	Use flock instead of IPC::Semaphore::Concurrency
	if($value) corrected to if(defined($value))

0.10	Wed Aug 22 13:53:49 BST 2012
	Use ftok to generate the shmkey in the test
	Don't try to build on GNU/Hurd
	Lock the shared memory area during accesses

0.09	Sat Aug 18 17:57:40 BST 2012
	Use $Config{intsize} do determine the size of an int
	Croak if the shared memory area can't be created

0.08	Wed Aug 15 08:31:38 BST 2012
	Added test that the shared memory area is deleted on cleanup
	Ensure using the latest version of CHI::Stats
	Don't set the execute bit in the shared memory area
	Store the size as an int rather than 32 bits

0.07	Mon Aug 13 09:04:17 BST 2012
	Attach to the shared memory area
	Only remove the shared memory area in the destructor when there are
		no attachments, as well as nothing in the cache
	Croak rather than carp when shmkey isn't given
	Tidied the tests

0.06	Sun Aug 12 20:17:56 BST 2012
	Don't try to remove the shared memory area if we haven't attached to it

0.05	Sun Aug 12 14:09:19 BST 2012
	Add consistency check which handles the failure at
	Fixed the failing tests (test_mirror_cache and test_li_cache)

=head2 test_mirror_cache

0.04	Sat Aug 11 14:27:19 BST 2012
	Furged some tests to pass when they should fail, it's a temporary
		work around which will nee to be addressed

0.03	Fri Aug 10 18:07:19 BST 2012
	When the last object goes, if the cache is empty reclaim the shared
	More moosified, so it's much smaller and cleaner

0.02	Fri Aug 10 16:42:15 BST 2012
	Fixed some tests

        First draft