0.18    30 November 2004
        Skip CGI::Wiki-requiring tests if CGI::Wiki not installed (thanks
          to CPAN tester "nothingmuch" for failure report).

0.17    26 November 2004
        Removed debugging info accidentally left in last release.

0.16    20 September 2004
        Added the "pass_wiki_to_macros" flag to let you write more powerful
          macros - see perldoc for details.
        Exposed the ->format_link method - see perldoc for details.

0.15    7 August 2004
        Added very simple table support:
        || foo || bar ||
        || bax || quux ||
        Tables are added with a class of "user_table" so you can manipulate
          them in your stylesheet without affecting any other tables on
          your site.

0.14    9 July 2004
        Allow subclassing to alter hyperlink appearance - see SUBCLASSING
          in perldoc CGI::Wiki::Formatter::UseMod.

0.13    4 June 2004
        Leading ':' (which creates a definition list for an indent effect)
          now has better HTML, plus adds a leading   to allow blank
          lines in the indented text.

0.12    2 June 2004
        Indentation now causes <pre>, as per the UseMod spec.

0.11    20 November 2003
        Added (experimental, advanced) "munge_node_name" parameter.

0.10    20 October 2003
        Fixed bug - ordered lists shouldn't require indent.

0.09    22 September 2003
        Changed the way we call Text::WikiFormat, to avoid <br / being
          inserted all over the place.

0.08    12 August 2003
        Removed temporary tweak and upped Text::WikiFormat version prereq.
        Added node_suffix and edit_suffix options for Shevek.

0.07    4 August 2003
        Added t/lists.t to MANIFEST, whoops.
        Made a small tweak to overcome bug in Text::WikiFormat 0.7 - will
          take it out when that's fixed (thanks to Sam Vilain for the fix).

0.06    1 August 2003
        Changes for compatibility with Text::WikiFormat 0.7 - we now have
        nested lists!

0.05    17 July 2003

        **** INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE ****

        URL munging is *not* now performed by default.  You need to pass
        a "munge_urls" parameter to ->new in order for this to happen.


        Do *not* install this version of CGI::Wiki::Formatter::UseMod
        unless you are using OpenGuides version 0.21 or later.

0.04    14 May 2003
        ->node_name_to_node_param method now takes notice of the
        force_ucfirst_nodes attribute.

0.03    28 April 2003
        Subs in macros are now called with up to nine arguments.  I know this
        is a bit arbitrary, but I now need it to support two arguments and I
        might as well allow a few more while I'm at it.

0.02    5 April 2003
        Macros can now substitute the output of subs as well as plain strings.

0.01    3 March 2003
        Initial release.