Changes for version 2.00 - 2016-09-04

  • Hash::FieldHash has been replaced by Moo. By default Moo has no XS. And since Hash::FieldHash had an XS component, this switch to Moo may help some users there too. Also note, from the Moo docs: 'If a new enough version of Class::XSAccessor is available, it will be used ...'.
  • Add github repo.
  • Adopt new repo structure. This includes changing the licence from Artistic to Perl. See
  • Adopt patch to t/lib/CGI/Snapp/Dispatch/RunScript from twata. See RT#81241. With thanx. V 2.00 is being released because this new version of was inserted into CGI::Snapp but not into CGI::Snapp::Dispatch at the same time. See RT#118198 and RT#118198.


Dispatch requests to CGI::Snapp-based objects
Dispatch requests to CGI::Snapp-based objects