Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Application::Plugin::TT.

1.05  Fri Jun  4 14:25:49 EST 2010

    - fix dev popup support by html encoding the data sent
      to the popup window (patch by Clayton L. Scott)
    - fix test failure on windows (patch by Alexandr Ciornii)

1.04  Wed Nov  1 07:08:50 EST 2006

    - add TEMPLATE_PRECOMPILE_DIR option which can
      automatically compile all your templates on startup
      (patch by Michael Peters)
    - slightly refactored the default tt_template_name code
    - doc fix (Trammell Hudson/Robert Sedlacek)

1.03  Thu May 18 12:27:26 EDT 2006

    - the default tt_template_name method now accepts
      a parameter that specifies how many caller levels
      we walk up (from the calling method) to find the
      method name to use as a base for the template name
      (defaults to 0)
    - a side effect of this change is that you can now
      pass any parameters you like to your custom
      TEMPLATE_NAME_GENERATOR method, when calling

1.02  Sun Feb  5 20:11:23 EST 2006

    - Allow call to tt_process with no parameters 
      (brad -at-

1.01  Wed Jan 25 16:00:38 EST 2006

    - Fix doc error in synopsis (Jonathan Anderson)
    - Before calling 'call_hook' make sure it exists
    - Update pod coverage tests

1.00  Wed Oct 19 14:11:22 EDT 2005

    - added support for tt_include_path to return the
      current value of INCLUDE_PATH

0.10  Fri Sep 23 08:58:34 EDT 2005

    - fix tests for DevPopup so it doesn't fail if it is not
      installed (Thanks to Jason Purdy and Rhesa Rozendaal)

0.09  Wed Sep 21 15:59:03 EDT 2005

    - added support for the load_tmpl hook in CGI::App
    - added support for the DevPopup plugin
    - added pod coverage tests

0.08  Sun Jul 31 17:38:16 EDT 2005

    - Made some small doc changes that I meant to put in the
      last release.

0.07  Sat Jul 30 9:18:46 EDT 2005

    - fixed Windows path bug in test suite (Emanuele Zeppieri)
    - Simplify the pod tests according to Test::Pod docs
    - Support the new callback hooks in CGI::Application 4.0
    - Automatically add { c => $self } to template params
        (see docs under DEFAULT PARAMETERS)
    - minor doc cleanups

0.06  Thu Feb  3 15:38:39 EST 2005

    - Document use of tt_config as a class method for singleton
    - Some other small documentation cleanups

0.05  Mon Jan 24 11:47:06 EST 2005

    - add tt_template_name which autogenerates template filenames
    - tt_process will call tt_template_name if the template
      name is not provided as an arguement
    - add Singleton support for TT object

0.04  Fri Dec  3 12:02:56 EST 2004

    - die if there is an error processing a template in tt_process

0.03  Sun Sep 19 18:13:03 EST 2004

    - scrap CGI::Application::Plugin support for simple Exporter
    - Moved module to the CGI::Application::Plugin namespace.
    - module no longer depends on inheritance, so just use'ing
      the module will suffice to import the required methods
      into the current class.

0.02  Mon Jul 26 23:44:39 EST 2004

    - add support for the new CGI::Application::Plugin base class.
      This means the usage has changed.  Altering the inheritance
      tree is no longer necesary, as you only need to use the module
      and it will import the plugin methods into the callers
      namespace automatically.  See the docs for more details...

0.01  Sun Feb 15 16:10:39 EST 2004

    - original version