Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-FormState

0.12    Nov 16, 2005
        - added Makefile.PL compatibility to the distribution

0.11    Oct 05, 2005
        - fixed a serious bug where calling 'delete' before calling
          'param' could clear all values in the user's session

        - 'session_key', 'id' and 'name' now all automatically configure
          the form_state if it hasn't been configured yet.

0.10    Oct 03, 2005
        - removed the need to call 'init'
        - default form storage name is now 'cap_form_state'
        - allowed a form_state storage to be populated and queried in
          the same request
        - added CGI::Application version 4.0 as a prerequisite
        - accepted params from url_param as well as from param
        - made CGI version 2.37 or greater a prerequisite (for url_param)
        - added informative error message if hooks cannot be installed
          on module load.

0.01    Sept 24, 2005
        - First released version