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0.42  Fri, Dec 9, 2016

  * It is now possible to indicate filter functions by name, rather than
    by package.
  * Build.PL now removes names.txt and share/perl.h.cache. This is not
    important for basic installation, but shows up when the distribution
    is repeatedly compiled in the same directory against different
    versions of Perl.
  * Executable code is now relocated to a location in memory that is
    properly aligned with modern CPU page alignments. This is hard-coded
    at the moment at 4096 bytes. Without this alignment, code compiled in
    clex blocks would sometimes perform dismally. This showed up most
    obviously in the rng and random-access benchmarks that were recently
    added to the benchmarks folder. Before this fix, the C::Blocks rng
    implementation would often perform as slowly as the Perl one.

0.41  Mon, Nov 28, 2016

  * cisa has been removed! C::Blocks now uses the built-in type
    annotation facilities of Perl. Short type names are provided by
  * Bumped Alien::TinyCCx dependency to v0.12, which fixes struct
    alignment issues and enum handling.
  * Perl package globals are now properly resolved. If you make a
    reference some $Some::Package::Scalar in your C code, it'll properly
    retrieve the SV named $Scalar from the package Some::Package.
  * New module C::Blocks::Types provides short type names
  * Double-colons are now processed by the code extractor and converted
    into double-underscores. So if you use Some::Thing in your C code
    block, it'll be immediately converted to Some__Thing.
  * Source filters! C::Blocks source filters are given the contents of
    the C code, start to finish, to manipulate. While it would be nicer
    to hook directly into the parser, this provides 99% of the desired
    functionality with 1% of the required effort of a parser hook.
0.40  Fri, Aug 12, 2016

  * Bumped Alien::TinyCCx dependency to v0.11, which should properly
    support 64-bit Macs.
  * Revised the perl.h symbol table caching in PerlAPI.xs.PL to use the
	tcc -run option instead of producing a shared object file. It does
	not need to produce anything---it just needs to cache the symbol
	table---but in order to get the default tcc to do that, I need to
	give it a compile target. Shared objects gave trouble on Macs, but
	tcc -run does not. An alternative fix would be to change tcc itself
	to add a "no output" target, or some such. In the meantime, this
	seems to solve the problem.
0.05  Thu, June 2, 2016

  * When a C::Blocks package has one or more cshare blocks, C::Blocks
    used to add C::Blocks::libloader to the package's @ISA list. Now it
    directly injects the import method from C::Blocks::libloader into
    the current package, or warns if the package already has an import
    glob entry in its stash. This makes it possible to use cshare in a
    class defined using Moo (and probably many other OO frameworks).
  * The build process now depends upon Test::Warn, which is used (not
    surprisingly) to test warning messages, and the lexical control
  * Bumped Alien::TinyCCx dependency to v0.10, which should properly
    support Macs.
  * C::Blocks provides lexically-scoped warnings categories of
    C::Blocks::import, C::Blocks::compiler, and C::Blocks::linker.

0.04  Tue, May 3, 2016

  * Shared libraries are now indicated with the package array
    @C::Blocks::libraries_to_link rather than the package scalar
  * Bumped Alien::TinyCCx dependency to v0.08.
  * csub works!
  * Can now link multiple shared libraries to a single block, though
    the functionality is not yet tested.
  * Using sigiled variables automatically loads the PerlAPI symtab.
  * Added interpolation blocks! It is now possible to use Perl to
    produce C code. They're kinda like fancy C macros, sorta.
  * Added cisa, providing a system akin to typemaps.
  * Added C::Blocks::Object::Magic, a port of XS::Object::Magic. This
    makes it much easier to safely attach C structs to Perl variables.
  * The use of preprocessor branching in Blocks.xs has been cleaned
    up a bit, which will hopefully make the distribution more robust.

0.03  Fri, Dec 4, 2015

  * Added explicit dependency on ExtUtils::ParseXS v3.0. With prior
    versions, if you had multiple .xs files, the boot sections would
    collide in very, very strange ways. The default EU::PXS for v5.14
    (on perlbrew at least) is old, so this ensures correctness.
  * Revised symbol detection and building logic for Linux systems
  * Scrubbed various command-line preprocessor defines which sometimes
    caused trouble on Debian systems. Similar corrections will surely be
    needed for other flavors of linux.
0.02  Thu, Aug 6, 2015

  * Sigil variable incorporation works for much older Perls
  * Can now incorporate sigiled variables with @ and % sigils
  * Gentle name mangling means C variables can have the same name as
    Perl variables
  * Much more robust handling of sigil characters and braces in quoted
    strings, as well as braces in comments

0.01  Mon, Aug 3, 2015

  Initial release!