Changes for version 0.03

  • Include final 0.02 changelog
  • Actually bump the version number this time
  • Switch from GET to POST, as per old 1.5 prerelease from Michael Lehmkuhl <>
  • Don't check expiration for ECHECK and refunds
  • For the unsupported "void" action, return is_success 0 and error msg suggesting "credit" action, instead of croaking. This way the "try void first, if it fails, try credit" idiom will work.
  • tests: enable check.t and add crypt_check.t and {crypt_}bad_check.t
  • update with new test account
  • move "payee" to a new() option, that makes more sense?
  • use '00000000' for check # if one is missing then. what else to do for recurring transactions?


ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment